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Jeffrey Wands discussed a variety of topics related to his work as a psychic. According to Wands, each person has a 'soul map,' a plan and set of abilities individuals bring into this life from the Spirit World. Wands, who believes in reincarnation, suggested the process helps us to understand our potential and purpose. He also pointed out that the struggles a person overcomes in this conscious life are not carried over into the next one.

Wands recalled his first experience 'seeing dead people,' which occurred at age six when his grandmother appeared to him. He also talked about sensing the 'lingering energy' of crime scenes and places where traumatic events have happened.

Wands described the Other Side as a parallel universe (and indicated that animals are present in the Spirit World). He said the living will often receive messages from dead loved ones within 30 days of their passing. Wands also spoke about an out-of-body experience he had while using Dr. Raymond Moody's Psychomanteum, as well as discussed near-death experiences.

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Author Mary Roach delved into the curious science of human-wildlife conflict. In the first hour, M.L. Behrman related Roswell to his own bizarre desert experience, and Bryce Zabel commented on the 25th anniversary of Dark Skies.

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