Computers & the Internet / Assault Weapons

Hosted byArt Bell

Computers & the Internet / Assault Weapons

About the show

Art welcomed computer expert Brian Hammerstein in Hour 1 and asked him questions for the computer illiterate as well as the geeks in the audience. Their discussion is a true time warp about what people thought of computers and the Internet in 1994. Hammerstein suggested joining a local PC users group to learn about computers, and mentioned that the most compelling reason to get a computer was the Internet. Even in 1994, Brian (and Art) knew the power of the web. 

"The resource is unbelievable," Hammerstein said, sharing tips on how to get on the Internet, though he predicted (correctly) that all the current equipment would be obsolete in just a few years. In 1994, 14.4 modems were considered "super fast."

The rest of the program consisted of news and Open Lines. There was a spirited debate on gun control and assault weapon bans among callers, a discussion of a possible pandemic as profiled on the TV show "48 Hours," and updates on the caning of Michael Fay in Singapore.