Crop Circles & Numbers

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Crop Circles & Numbers

About the show

The 'Human Calculator' Scott Flansburg joined Dr. Simeon Hein to discuss their attempt at making a crop circle, as well as anomalies associated with them. Flansburg devised a mathematical system based on man-made circles. To their surprise, Hein claimed that crop formations created with their numerical matrix caused psychic effects as well as electronic equipment malfunctions. Hein pointed out that these were the same effects observed in anomalous (i.e. apparent non-human created) circles.

Hein hypothesized that aliens make crop circles in order to teach us some sort of unusual mathematics. Later in the program, Flansburg delved into what he saw as the deep numerical significance of 9/11. He pointed out that "911 is our emergency number and 911 adds up to 11." He went on to discuss the significance of numbers in the Bible, and the Mayan calendar.

In the last hour, Flansburg answered questions from callers. In the first hour, Art discussed an apparent photo of a Philippine vampire and interviewed his Filipino wife about her own encounter.