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John Lash, an author, teacher, and lifelong student of world mythology, discussed what the Gnostics, a group of ancient pagan initiates, knew about aliens. According to Lash, the Gnostics had a sophisticated level of psychic awareness and practiced remote viewing of aliens. Unfortunately, much of their knowledge was lost because of a "massive and deliberate" destruction of their writings, he said.

Among the surviving near-original pagan writings are the Nag Hammadi documents, which Lash claims refer explicitly to an alien species called the Archons. Lash described the Archons as "inorganic beings" that arose from a "plasmatic surge from the galactic core." The ancients believed the Archons were a predatory species that could "take away souls by theft," which Lash proposed was the equivalent to modern-day alien abduction.

Lash said the Archons are still here today, but we need not fear them. As evidence, Lash quoted a passage from the Gnostic text, The Second Apocalypse of James: "They will not rule over you. They do not have dominion over the Earth. They were not your creators, but they are in the solar system with you, and you must face up to their existence."

During the first hour, Art talked with Whitley Strieber about his March 15th journal entry, Predictions 2005: Year of the Death Wish, in which he tackles what he considers a dangerous Christian doctrine -- "the Rapture" -- and its effect on government policy. According to "the Rapture" doctrine, God's "elect" will be "raptured" or "caught up" to meet with Christ upon his return, while the rest are left behind on Earth. Whitley thinks a significant portion of the American population holds this view. Since these people believe they will shortly be removed from Earth, they ignore the critical state of the planet, he concluded.

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