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'Men in Black' Open Lines

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Date Host Art Bell

In this special evening of Open Lines, Art opens two special hotlines-- one for "Men in Black" and the other for someone in procession of a time machine. One caller to the MIB line, identifies himself as "The Auditor." He says his job is to update the MIB when they need it, as they are more like robots than humans.

Another MIB gets through and talks about how he also has traveled in time. Art keeps the compelling caller into the second hour, but the call is accidentally dropped. But then, the man calls right back and gets through immediately. Art mentions how he already seems to possess a technology greater than most callers. Art asks the MIB if he knows anything about the Phoenix Lights, his response: "I know everything about it." The MIB reveals that "WWIII is really tied into the revolution." Art: "WWIII?!" MIB: "Oh yeah, but don’t worry about it, it’s not as bad as it sounds." A man claiming to manufactures time machines also calls in.

At the start of the program, Art talks about not caring for fan clubs – but he plugs and likes “chat clubs” where people gather to talk about the things discussed on the show. He brings on Bruce who is the head of a chat club.


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