Investigating Roswell & Waco

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In the first two hours, (the late) New Mexico congressman Steven Schiff talked about his congressional inquiry into the Roswell Incident and the difficulties and runaround he received from the Air Force and the Department of Defense. Schiff was finally directed to the Government Affairs Office, which discovered that two years of records on the incident were apparently destroyed. He also spoke about his experience on the committee investigating the Branch Davidian standoff fiasco in Waco, Texas.

The last three hours were taken up with news and Open Lines. Topics included Vince Foster's death, Bill Clinton, and the OJ Simpson trial. During the final hour, there is a call from a man describing a curious Bigfoot encounter - he saw it sitting on a baseball mound, beating a dead dog with a stick.

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Statement analyst Peter Hyatt discussed deception detection. Followed by authors Trish and Rob MacGregor sharing their paranormal research.

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