Art & Ramona's UFO Sighting

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Art's wife Ramona Bell comes on to describe a dramatic UFO sighting that happened recently while the two of them watched a high-altitude military aircraft in the Nevada desert. As they viewed the jet, they saw an object near it, shining in the daytime sky-- a silver cylindrical object that glowed with an intense brightness. The object, which they watched with binoculars for 4-6 minutes, was completely silent, and eventually moved rapidly away. Then, callers shared some of their UFO sightings.

After that, Wisconsin television station manager John McKinnon came on to talk about how he was fired because he did a serious interview with a UFO abductee. He said he wanted to “follow the Art Bell format” on his station. Some of his interview tapes ended up at the local police department. The last three hours featured news and Open Lines.

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