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Life on a Nuclear Submarine

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Date Host Art Bell

Howard Weinstein appears during hours 2-5. He served as a radio operator on a nuclear submarine commanded by the officer who was the technical advisor for the movie "The Hunt for Red October." He talked about living on a submarine and his life in the military. He worked on the USS Pargo, a Sturgeon-class attack submarine. He details how far a sub can go without crushing in on itself-- down some 2000 Feet.

A submerged submarine can travel 30+ knots-- it’s fast, but not fast enough to get away from a missile, Weinstein notes. They discuss the film "Hunt for Red October" throughout the show, though some questions he can’t answer due to security reasons. The two also chat about both being ham radio operators.

In the first hour, Art shares updates on such topics as meteor showers, the stock market, war news, and a UFO sighting at an elementary school in Phoenix. Richard C. Hoagland makes an appearance discussing unexplained objects in astronomical photographs, and Open Lines are also featured.


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