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War Game Scenarios

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Date Host Art Bell

In hours 2-4, author Bonnie Ramthun described her former job working in a secure facility in NORAD, where she had high-level clearances and helped to run war simulations for the U.S. Department Of Defense. Ramthun, with a computer science degree from the University of Wyoming, also worked in helicopter crash investigations and space station prototyping. She and Art dive into different war scenarios and new types of military weaponry.

In the first hour, being April Fools Day, Art discusses a prank that Keith Rowland, his webmaster had pulled on him and the listeners by having the 'blue screen of death' appear when users log onto Art's website. Then, Linda Moulton Howe reports on a strange "dead area" in the ocean off the coast of Florida and interviews two scientists about the phenomenon.


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