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Plant Consciousness & Sci-Tech

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Date Host Art Bell

In hours 2-5, Michael Theroux, President of the Borderland Sciences Research Foundation joined Art for a discussion on the consciousness of plants, Y2K issues, power grid vulnerabilities, weather control, and other topics of cutting edge and fringe science. They discussed a movie from the 1970s called "The Secret Life of Plants" about experiments that demonstrated plants do indeed show signs of awareness. Theroux did a four-year study, recreating an experiment from the 1960s -- hooking up plants to a polygraph. He was amazed at the reaction he got from the plants. Art wonders if vegetarians will be upset at the study due to the "murder of parsley." Apparently, dead plants show no output.

In hour three, they discuss the power grid, and whether it could be in danger of going down. Theroux also addresses solar cycles peaking and how the year 2000 will be a big year for solar activity. Art opens the phone lines in the last hour for the guest, and calls come in about the difference of subjective or objective personal experiences of research, faster-than-light communications, and witnesses of an alien spacecraft.

During the first hour, Art shares news of the day, as well as discussing UFO disclosure, Y2K, and, missing matter in the galaxy. Open Lines are also featured.


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