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Andromedan Contacts

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Date Host Art Bell

Alex Collier joined the show from Hours 2-5. He claims to have had contacts for over 30 years with a race from the neighboring galaxy, Andromeda. He's experienced both telepathic and physical visitations, based on trust and friendship. Collier makes it clear this has nothing to do with abduction.

A former US treasury officer, his experience began in 1964, with a missing time episode in which he was brought aboard a ship. Placed on a table, he said two beings were next to him – one of them was a tall man with blue skin and no hair. While on the table, they showed him a series of images of his past lives.

Collier said he stopped counting after 279 contact moments with these beings. They come from the future, he explained, and something that happens in our time continuum pushes the destiny of our galaxy in a tyrannical direction. They have come back to investigate what took place. The solar system they come from is 621 million light years away, Collier reported, and they "fold space" to get here using holographic technology.

In the first hour, Art comments on the Russians "taking away the nighttime." They want to launch a constellation of 100 satellites, each producing lights that are 100 times brighter than the full moon to cast sunlight on the darkest corners of Siberia during the winter. The proposal has alarmed both astronomers and environmentalists.


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