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Moon Landing Hoax

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Date Host Art Bell

Marcus Allen is Art’s guest for hours 2-4. He is the British distributor and publisher of the UK edition of Nexus Magazine. Like so many others, Marcus watched the Apollo Moon landings live on television and at the time applauded the evident success of those missions. It was 7 years ago after he had attended a lecture which questioned the validity of the moon landings that he decided to carry out his own research. Marcus thinks we may have gone to the moon, but that “man” probably didn’t get there. One of the reasons people are talking about this again is that NASA had commissioned a book being written to put the story to rest. But NASA then scrapped the idea saying it would give too much credence to the conspiracy theorists.

Allen contends that humans going to the moon would be exposed to a ton of radiation going through the Van Allen belt. Film supposedly would not make it through the belt either – the film would be fully exposed. If all this is true though, why didn’t the Russians blow the whistle?, Allen asks. The Moon rocks brought back totaled over 840 pounds, but where are they? Allen mentions how some are on display in major museums, but most scientists only received grams of crushed rocks. Over 600 pounds are locked in the vaults in Houston. They also discuss the temperature the astronauts would be exposed to.

Art opens the show wishing the audience a Happy Thanksgiving. He mentions that the president is opening an investigation as to why we failed the 9-11 attacks. Art asks what we think of the government investigating itself. He addresses various news topics including Iraq, and Osama bin Laden. He ponders if 2003 will be the first year of a human clone, and discusses an article that corresponds with the guest for this show – a telescope is being used to find the spacecrafts on the Moon, thus disproving moon hoax scenarios. Open Lines finishes out the first hour.


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