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Spontaneous Human Invisibility

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Date Host Art Bell

Paranormal researcher Donna Good Higbee was Art's main guest in hours 2-4, discussing cases of "Spontaneous Human Involuntary Invisibility" (SHII). One woman reportedly had the experience multiple times. At the post office, a man in line cut in front of her and when it was her turn, the clerk and the man continued to ignore her. She noticed that it happened again in other similar situations. Higbee ponders a possible connection between SHII and UFO experiences/abductions. She talks about how someone running into an invisible person is just as shocked when they suddenly see someone that wasn't there just a second ago.

There are cases worldwide of the phenomenon, and she theorized that a person's frequency may be part of the reason for the invisibility. One invisibility experiencer often notices people looking at her car as she drives, with amazed looks on their faces as if there is nobody driving. Calls come in for Higbee in hour three. Many people seem to have had this experience -- a cop calls in about using this ability to make arrests -- the people never saw him as a police officer, he claims. He would project in his mind he was a "regular person" and they would see him that way rather than as law enforcement.

During the first hour, Art talks about new genetically modified chickens, and reads a time travel story about a hidden machine called a "chronovisor" built in the 1950s by a Benedictine monk. The man who built the machine said he was commissioned by the Catholic church to get photos of the crucifixion. Art also reads a weird story from Ferguson, MI, regarding over 40 animal eyeballs that were scattered over four different backyards. Apparently, the eyes were from cows. Open Lines are also featured during the hour.


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