Oil Dependence

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Oil Dependence

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Richard Heinberg is a leading educator on Peak Oil - the point at which we reach maximum global oil production - and the devastating impact it will have on our economic, food, and transport systems. He said that we are living in a very narrow period in history dominated by a world and economy based on oil. He foresaw the "beginning of the end" of the era of fossil fuels within a few years.

He urged a push for research in renewable energy since there is a limit to how much energy can be supplied by natural resources. He predicted conflicts in the future over resources, saying that "whoever has the most weapons and competes the most fiercely" will come out on top.

Heinberg went on to discuss other sources of energy, like biodiesel, and energy saving devices such as LED lights. He urged listeners to do an "energy audit" to easily reduce their consumption by half. In the first half-hour, Art interviewed a guest identified as "Dr. Incognita," who commented on paranormal or astral plane sexual encounters.