Out-of-Body Experiences & Monroe Institute

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Out-of-Body Experiences & Monroe Institute

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In a rare appearance on Art's Sunday night "Dreamland" show, pioneering consciousness researcher Robert Monroe (1915-1995) discussed his research on out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Monroe experienced a spontaneous OBE in the late 1950s which terrified him as he thought it was the "beginning of the dying process" but soon realized that this was a technique where he could consciously leave his body. This began a journey of discovery to figure out what had happened to him, and how he could repeat this experience.

He started experimenting by visiting friends at remote locations in this state, who sometimes reported that he appeared as a "swirling gray mist." Monroe set up a research institute that developed a method to put subjects in a state where OBEs could be experienced almost at will by listening to low-frequency rhythmic tones that were out of sync with each other and which became known as "binaural beats."

Later in the first hour, Army remote viewing program founder "Skip" Atwater discussed his work with the Monroe Institute as head of the research division. He is currently (2024) president of the Institute. Educational director Dave Mulvey joined the program in the second hour to talk for a few minutes about the Monroe Institute's public educational programs.

In the last hour, Monroe discussed a method that could assist with stroke recovery and even the shock of a near-death experience, as well as his meetings with "non-human beings" who he said considered us "a curiosity" and "a nice experimental species." He added that we are very restricted as physical beings and should strive to "shake the hand" of the Creator.

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