Private Investigations

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Private Investigations

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Edmund Pankau was one of the top private investigators in the nation. He joined Art to discuss his book "Hide your Assets and Disappear." Art asked Ed about the shady side of his profession, and if there really are many people who want to disappear and why. Even though there is romance involved with being a private investigator, Pankau emphasized that it's also a business. People from many other areas enter the field – not just former cops, and he said that were more women P.I.s than ever before.

Pankau also talked about interest rates in the US and the differences with other nations for home buying etc., as well as withdrawing money and hiding it in an offshore account. Callers had questions about Y2K, hiding income after a divorce, tax rates in different countries, and changing citizenship, as well as asking Ed about female P.I.s and their success in investigations.

The first hour contained news and Open Lines. Topics included heroin addiction, discoveries in Giza, the game show "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," Big Bang experiments, and tropical storms.

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