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Remote Viewing Chronicles

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Controlled Remote Viewing expert Lyn Buchanan discussed how the CRV technique can be used in business, research, and any type of investigative field. He was one of the military's remote viewers from 1984 through 1992. He wrote about his experiences and what he learned about the human mind in a book entitled "The Seventh Sense." He described his training as primarily trying to quiet the mental "noise" that gets in the way of a more accurate psychic signal.

Buchanan also said that while in the Army’s remote viewing program he was tasked to get inside the minds of foreign adversaries. He described Saddam Hussein as "crazy in a very dangerous way…he's under the delusion that God wants him to rule the world."

At one point, the remote viewing unit was asked to look for signs of life on Mars, and he said they detected an ancient civilization that was highly advanced. He added that he also was tasked to remote view Jesus and said that it was a "life-changing experience." In the first hour, Art discussed news of the day and spoke to a couple of ham radio friends about a strange case of missing time.

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