Revisiting the O.J. Trial

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In the show's first 90 minutes, Los Angeles prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi (who famously led the case against Charles Manson) described in exacting detail how he believes O.J. Simpson "got away with murder" in his trial because of the incompetence of the jury and prosecutors.

The author of "Outrage," about the OJ trial, Bugliosi argued that the only reason the "Dream Team" won was because of the terrible job of the prosecution. He was amazed that certain pieces of evidence were not used during the trial, and believed the prosecution bungled the presentation of DNA evidence.

The latter part of the show featured Open Lines with Art asking callers to share their theories on the recent TWA 800 crash. Other topics included E. Coli, and a chupacabras sighting in Florida.

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Co-creators Stuart Davis, Kirsten Blackburn, and Jay King discussed The Experiencer Group, social media for those who’ve encountered ETs, with George Knapp. In the first hour, Michio Kaku talked about relativity versus quantum theory.

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