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Roswell News Conference

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Date Host Art Bell

Art opens the show talking about a press conference from the US Air Force regarding Roswell and their new publication “Case Closed,” which explained the so-called Roswell aliens as crash test dummies. The problem, according to Art, is that they missed it by six years. The footage they showed occurred six years "after" 1947 – an impossible hole in their story. Art says this was some of the best “comedy” he has ever seen.

Richard C. Hoagland joins Art in Hour 2 to talk about this press conference. RCH says “If it weren’t so funny, it would be tragic.” He believes it’s being treated like a huge joke and it’s "appalling." These shenanigans were so outrageous that it makes people believe it’s a cover-up. We might be “supposed” to think it’s a cover-up – that might be the overall agenda. Hoagland also reports on Mars probes.

In the latter half, many of the Open Lines callers demonstrated that the press conference actually created more believers. Why? Art speculates that "maybe there really is something that is about it happen."

Last Night

Marc McPherson discussed high strangeness associated with Canada's Nahanni National Park, including a region called "The Valley of Headless Men." Next, Arlen Schumer talked about Rod Serling and The Twilight Zone. Open Lines followed in the latter half.

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