Col. Corso & Roswell Technology

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Col. Corso & Roswell Technology

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This series of interviews culled from two different shows in 1997, features (the late) Col. Philip Corso and his book “The Day After Roswell” which describes possible technology recovered from the Roswell crash. The first three segments from 7/6/97 include Corso’s co-author William Birnes, and investigator Linda Moulton Howe. In the last two segments (from 7/23/97) Dr. John Alexander joins Corso to discuss the history of the Roswell materials and United States military intelligence.

Live from a conference in Roswell, Linda talked about reading a document intended for the President of the US about UFOs and "retrievals of extraterrestrial craft and bodies" from a series of locations in the southwestern US including Roswell. It talked about the retrieval of a craft in Mexico, Kingman, Arizona, and other places. Linda then hands the phone over to Col. Philip J. Corso, who describes seeing an ET. There is also a discussion of "Earth's secret war."

Bill Birnes then joined the conversation to explain what was happening during the time JFK was in office. Art wonders how Corso can come forward about this and be safe. Birnes explains that Corso's relationship with the military is rock solid. They discuss physical artifacts from the crash Corso witnessed. The topic of cattle mutilations is also addressed. Corso reveals what he found in secretive file cabinets-- a piece of paper-thin metal the size of a postcard. Corso said he was made head of a team to analyze and back-engineer the material.The Colonel declared that the piece came directly from the Roswell craft.

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