Sara Chana

Sara Chana


Sara-Chana is a master herbalist, classical homeopath, and author. She is also a columnist, keynote speaker, adult education teacher, and community advocate. She makes frequent appearances teaching people how they can safely integrate alternative medicine with conventional medicine. Sara-Chana also guest lectures at medical schools to help doctors learn how to incorporate herbal medicine in their practices, which is difficult because botanical medicine has not been and is not part of their regular curriculum.



Past Shows:

  • The Great Pyramid / Benefits of Plants & Herbs

    Engineer Scott Creighton discussed his belief that the Great Pyramid was built as an indestructible "recovery vault." Followed by herbalist Sara Chana on the role plants and herbs have on our health.More »
  • Crisis Health Tips / Florida Cryptids

    Herbalist Sara Chana discussed items people should have to protect their health. Followed by Scott Marlowe with tales of the Skunk Ape and other cryptids.More »
  • Team Psychology / Herbs & Health

    Dr. Saul Miller shared the key characteristics of successful teams. Followed by Sara Chana on importance of herbs for healing.More »
  • Herbs & Aromatherapy / Maitreya Update

    Sara-Chana discussed using herbs and essential oils to gain control over moods. Followed by Julien Creme and Felicity Eliot updating the status of Maitreya.More »

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