Rod Pyle

Rod Pyle


Rod Pyle has authored a number of science history books including Destination Moon, Missions to the Moon, and In Their Own Words: The Space Race. He has also produced numerous documentaries for The History Channel and Discovery Communications. He worked at the Griffith Observatory for ten years and was an assistant professor at the University of La Verne. He has BA from the Art Center College of Design and an MA from Stanford University.



Past Shows:

  • Space Exploration / Secret Door XV

    Space journalist Rod Pyle discussed developments in the new space economy. Followed by a new edition of the Secret Door, with guests remote viewer Paul H. Smith, herbalist  Sara Chana, ghost hunter Rick McCallum, and Roswell investigator Don Schmitt.More »
  • The New Space Economy / Energy Vampires & Empaths

    Science writer Rod Pyle talked about the exciting new space age. Followed by psychic coun­selor Lisa Campion on empaths and energy vampires.More »
  • Apollo Moon Landing / Cycles of Masculinity

    Rod Pyle spoke about the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo moon landing. Followed by Stefan Aarnio on cycles of gender roles.More »
  • Space Exploration / UFO News & Cases

    Rod Pyle shared updates on space development and exploration. Followed by Richard Dolan on UFO news and classic cases.More »
  • Unusual Space Missions/ Earth's Hidden History

    Lecturer Rod Pyle discussed some of the most unusual space missions. Followed by Graham Hancock on archaeological insights and revelations.More »
  • Pyramids, Egypt, & Angels

    Retired professor at the University of Calgary, Carmen Boulter, shared her theories about the properties and purpose of Egypt's ancient pyramids, as well information on a new study she conducted on the effects of the Great Pyramid on the human aura and chakra systems. First...More »

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