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The 'Rods' Aerial Phenomenon

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Date Host Art Bell

Beginning in Hour 2, Jose Escamilla joined Art for a discussion about "rods," described as anomalous flying forms that are so fast to the naked eye, they can only be caught on camera. He discovered rods on a trip to New Mexico, while filming a UFO sighting. He saw something in the viewfinder that looked like an insect. But after further investigation, he determined this was something very different. Escamilla's best guess is that rods are a type of life form that have been with us for thousands of years but for some reason, have never been noticed until now. He believes they have evolved from something else.

The Learning Channel also picked up a rod on footage from a documentary they were filming. Rods have a wave action that helps them "swim" or glide through the air, he explained, and he referred to them as "Sky Fish." They can fly as fast as 300 mph, he reported. They discuss footage of a rod that flies around a young boy – Art notices how it seems the rod knows the person is there – it circles around his waist like it has an intelligent life-force. Escamilla talks about a man in Philadelphia who reportedly sprayed aerosol on a rod and caught it. When he touched it, it disintegrated into a fine dust. Cave jumpers once said they caught one too but after catching it in a jar, it also turned into a fine dust. There is evidence that ancient cave drawings show rods too, he added.

In the first hour, Art previews the Rods phenomenon, as well as shares new findings about ancient asteroid impacts. Open Lines are also featured.


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