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Chemtrails Revealed

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Date Host Art Bell

Art brings on investigative journalist William Thomas to discuss chemtrails starting in hour 2. According to Thomas, aerosol spraying is part of a secretive geoengineering program which has military applications, and is part of a climate modification plan to stave off global warming, yet it leaves a toxic residue in the environment.

Art thinks Thomas has stumbled onto the biggest story of the year. Art says he gets hundreds of faxes about chemtrails and reads one from a man saying he is part of the group that is responsible for them but says there is nothing to worry about. His name is Rocky and he's a senior flight engineer for Boeing. So Art brings him on in hour 2. Thomas has many questions for Rocky. During the third hour, Art reserves a special line for pilots to call in with observations of contrails/chemtrails, and anyone else who has had experience of "goo" falling on them from this phenomenon. William Wallace gets through - the person who originally contacted Thomas. He tells his story on how and why he made the contact. He had an experience of being sprayed. Afterwards, he got so sick and weak that he lost his job. And then, he began tracking chemtrails and filming them.

In the first hour, Art talks about "tree sitters"-- a form of environmentalist civil disobedience. He speaks with a tree-sitter named "Dirt," who mentions that logging season has begun, and he and others are trying to save amazing ancient trees from being cut down. Art also addresses the show's main topic - chemtrails. He absolutely believes they are real - he's seen contrails all his life but these look way different. He also brings on his friend, researcher Stan Deyo, who discusses his recovery from painful kidney stones.


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