Understanding Demonic Possession

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Understanding Demonic Possession

About the show

Gordon-Michael Scallion is a futurist, teacher of consciousness studies and author of the bestselling book "Notes from the Cosmos: A Futurist's Insights into the World of Dream Prophecy and Intuition." In this program, he took a turn from futurism and prophecy and went into an examination of the phenomenon of demonic possession. Scallion began with a few comments on coming Earth changes brought on by movements in the Earth's core, as well as advice to listeners on coming instabilities in the economy.

He characterized possession as coming from a place of "negativity and evil," and not Satan or some named entity. Scallion advised that experimenting with the occult could open individuals to evil possession, and that they may not even be aware of it. He believes that the stress of modern life on the collective unconsciousness makes it easier for dark forces to enter our world, and that we are in for a "showdown of consciousness" between good and evil forces. He also recalled cases of possession which he witnessed.

The first hour featured news and Open Lines, including such topics as a man who offered his soul for auction on eBay, truckers whose rigs are surrounded by several erratically driven cars, and MRSA.

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