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In Coast You Missed It 12/14/18

Dec 14, 2018

Check out our round-up of highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

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Watch: Glowing Yowie Eyes Caught on Film?

An eerie piece of footage purportedly emanating from Australia shows what appear to be a set of glowing eyes lurking in a forest and some suspect that they may belong to that country's version of Bigfoot.

Video: Mystery Noise Annoys Chicago Neighborhood

Dec 14, 2018

Residents of a neighborhood in Chicago say that an inexplicable humming sound has been annoying them for weeks and, making the matter even more maddening, not everyone can hear it.

Free Audio: 1977 Alien Abduction Encounter

Enjoy an hour from a show we broadcast last month.

Watch: 'Teleporting' Tot Spotted During TV News Segment

Dec 13, 2018

A strange moment during a BBC News segment had television viewers in England doing a double take as it appeared as if a child teleported into the picture out of thin air.

Odd UFO Photographed in Australia

A man vacationing in Australia last week was amazed to discover that he had photographed an odd UFO zipping through the sky.

Video: Cruel Jewelry Store Prank Becomes Viral Sensation in China

Dec 13, 2018

Proving that America isn't the only place where someone can earn online notoriety by filming their foolish antics, a bizarre new trend, known as the 'jewelry-stealing prank,' has taken Chinese social media by storm.

Video: Odd Blob Spotted on Radar Stumps Experts

Dec 12, 2018

Officials at the National Weather Service were flummoxed earlier this week when radar returns showed odd blobs passing over parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Watch: TV Presenter Reveals Reptilian Eyes?

Dec 12, 2018

A bizarre video circulating online seemingly shows a Ukrainian TV presenter briefly revealing that she has reptilian eyes.

Trailer: New Remote Viewing Documentary

Wednesday night guest Russell Targ shares a trailer from his new documentary.

Rover Encounters Robot on Mars?

A Mars anomaly hunter suspects that he has stumbled upon a scene straight out of a Pixar movie in the form of a diminutive robot seemingly inspecting NASA's Curiosity Rover.

Video: Spacewalking Cosmonauts Inspect Mysterious ISS Hole

A pair of Russian cosmonauts conducted a complex spacewalk outside of the ISS today to inspect a mysterious hole found in a Soyuz capsule attached to the station.

Mystery Stone Thrower Menaces Brazilian Community

Dec 11, 2018

Residents of a community in Brazil are on edge following a series of strange incidents in which their homes were pelted with stones by an unseen force that some suspect could be a poltergeist!

Watch: Eerie Figure Appears Behind Woman During Video Chat

A woman in Washington state suspects that she was visited by some kind of paranormal entity after an eerie figure appeared behind her during a video chat.

European Actress Recalls Childhood UFO Encounters

A Finnish-Italian model-turned-actress recently opened up about a pair of intriguing UFO sightings that she had as a child.

NBA Star Doubts Moon Landing

One of basketball's biggest stars, Stephen Curry, is making headlines after expressing skepticism that we really went to the moon.

Martial Arts Bullfighting in China

Dec 9, 2018

Chinese bullfighting uses techniques of martial arts rather than capes and swords.

Watch: Soyuz Spacecraft Launch from Space

ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst captured a spectacular time-lapse video of the Soyuz launch from space.

In Coast You Missed It 12/7/18

Dec 7, 2018

Check out our round-up of C2C highlights from the past week ... In Coast You Missed It.

'Unidentified Floating Object' Stumps Dutch Museum

Dec 7, 2018

A Dutch museum devoted to beachcombing, of all things, recently discovered an odd object in their archive that has left them scratching their heads.

Listen: NASA InSight Lander Records Martian Wind

NASA's much-heralded InSight Lander has already made history by captured the sound of wind on Mars for the first time ever.

Man Unwittingly Used 4,000-Year-Old Pot as a Toothbrush Holder

Dec 6, 2018

A man in England got quite the surprise when he found out that an old-looking pot which he'd been using as a toothbrush holder was actually 4,000 years old!

Sons Say Dad Brews Cursed Beer

A bizarre dispute has erupted in Zimbabwe after a man's three sons accused their father of brewing cursed beer which they believe is responsible for causing a number of tragic events to befall their family.

Elementary School Slammed for Staging 'Elf Murder Mystery'

Dec 6, 2018

An elementary school in England is under fire after students participated in an 'elf murder mystery' activity that some parents say was a tad too realistic.

Seal Gets Eel Stuck in Nose

Scientists studying monk seals in Hawaii were surprised to spot one unfortunate creature that had wound up with an eel stuck in its nose.

Gene-Editing Doctor Goes Missing?

The controversial Chinese doctor who made headlines last week with claims that he'd successfully edited the genes of unborn babies is now believed to be missing.

NASA Scientist Argues for Bold New Approach in Search for ETs

A provocative paper from a scientist at NASA suggests that the search of extraterrestrial intelligence has been hampered by preconceived ideas which may have led to humans missing out on the chance to spot ETs.

Watch: Odd UFOs Filmed Off the Coast of North Carolina

A fisherman in North Carolina captured some puzzling footage of mysterious lights hovering over the water at a beach and some suspect that the oddities could be UFOs.

Video: 500-Year-Old Skeleton Found Still Wearing Leather Boots

Dec 4, 2018

Archaeologists monitoring a construction project along England's famed Thames River were surprised to find a 500-year-old skeleton of a man who was buried while still wearing his boots.