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UFOs & Aerial Phenomena

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Video: Oregon Woman Spots Odd UFOs on Consecutive Nights

Nov 15, 2018

After noticing some peculiar lights in the sky on two consecutive evenings, a woman in Oregon was left wondering what exactly she had just witnessed.

Experts Dismiss Irish UFO Event as Merely a Meteorite

Nov 14, 2018

A number of experts have come forward to put the proverbial kibosh on any alien speculation surrounding the strange event from this past Friday in which three different pilots reported seeing a UFO while flying off the coast of Ireland.

Weird Weather Balloon Over Quebec Mistaken for UFO

Nov 13, 2018

A motorist in Canada captured footage of a strange object hovering in the sky that some suspected may have been a UFO, but it seems that the oddity had a terrestrial origin.

Listen: Multiple Pilots Report Puzzling UFO Near Ireland

Nov 12, 2018

Authorities in Ireland are investigating an intriguing incident from this past Friday in which three separate pilots alerted air traffic controllers about a UFO flying near them.

Live Chat with George Noory & Steve Bassett

Nov 12, 2018

Coast Insiders, join us for a live chat on Tuesday night with George Noory, and UFO disclosure advocated Steve Bassett.

Odd Orbs Spotted Near San Diego

Nov 9, 2018

A family in San Diego found themselves watching the sky in wonder after spotting a pair of puzzling orbs which seemed to be hovering in the air.

Watch: Flying Saucer Filmed Over Lake Tahoe?

Nov 5, 2018

A fantastic piece of footage purportedly filmed at Lake Tahoe appears to show a remarkably clear UFO zipping through the sky, but some people think the video is too good to be true.

Video: On the Hunt for 'Alien Alloys'

Nov 1, 2018

One of the more intriguing subplots to last December's revelations that there had been a Pentagon UFO program were claims surrounding 'alien alloys' purportedly in the group's possession.

Watch: Odd Aerial Anomaly Filmed in Massachusetts

Oct 29, 2018

A resident of a Boston suburb was left scratching her head on Friday evening after spotting an odd glowing anomaly seemingly hovering in the sky.

Watch: UFO Appears During Newscast in Argentina

Oct 19, 2018

A newscast on Argentine television came to a screeching halt last week when the anchors spotted an unidentified flying object soaring over the city of Buenos Aires.

Odd Orbs Filmed Over Myrtle Beach

Oct 8, 2018

A time lapse video of a thunderstorm over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina seems to show a veritable armada of odd orbs hovering in the sky.

Knapp's News 9/23/18

Sep 23, 2018

George Knapp shares a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

Free Audio: Alien Activity on an Arizona Ranch

Sep 19, 2018

Listen to this intriguing hour about alien activity on an Arizona ranch we broadcast in 2016.

Teacher in Texas Spots Odd UFO

Sep 11, 2018

An intriguing photo of a potential UFO has been shared online by an elementary school teacher who had kept it hidden for years because he was afraid of being ridiculed.

Trailer for 'Hunt for the Skinwalker'

Sep 11, 2018

In tandem with Tuesday's show, check out a trailer for Jeremy Corbell's new documentary, Hunt for the Skinwalker.

Vandals Trash UFO Museum

Sep 10, 2018

Authorities in Nova Scotia, Canada are investigating an unfortunate incident in which some ne'er-do-wells trashed a museum dedicated to the famed Shag Harbour UFO event.

Doubts Raised About Charlotte UFO

Sep 4, 2018

A viral image of an alleged UFO seen near Charlotte, North Carolina is being questioned by skeptics who say that it is probably just the reflection of a cell phone.

Square-Shaped UFO Photographed Near Charlotte

Sep 3, 2018

A mysterious square-shaped UFO was photographed on the night of August 18th by Javion Hill.

Watch: UFOs at ECETI Ranch

Aug 25, 2018

Video of UFOs at ECETI from Aug 2018 shot by Peter Maxwell Slattery and James Gilliland.

Watch: Trio of Odd Orbs Filmed Over Forest in France

Aug 24, 2018

An intriguing video circulating online shows three odd glowing orbs hovering in the sky over a field in France.

Germany Has No Plan if Aliens Land

Aug 20, 2018

Should aliens ever invade the planet, Germany may turn out to be one of the first places that they conquer as the country's government recently revealed that they have no response plan in place in the event that ETs make contact.

Knapp's News 8/19/18

Aug 19, 2018

George Knapp shared a number of items that have recently caught his attention.

North Carolina UFO Gets 'Deflated'

Aug 16, 2018

The mystery surrounding a UFO video that went viral this week has been solved and it turns out that the 'flying saucer' was actually a rather iconic denizen of the skies: the Goodyear Blimp.

Video: UFO Filmed Over NC Lake

Aug 14, 2018

A strange video purportedly showing a rather sizeable UFO hovering over a lake in North Carolina has spawned gasps from some ET enthusiasts and groans from skeptical viewers.

Live Chat with Jimmy Church

Aug 14, 2018

Coast Insiders join us for a Live Chat this Wed. night 8pm PT/11pm ET with special guest, Jimmy Church.

Free Audio: 'Tic Tac' UFO Incidents

Aug 9, 2018

Enjoy this excerpt from June when Kevin Day told George Knapp about the military 'Tic Tac' UFOs.

Video: Diver Spots Strange USO in the Bermuda Triangle

Aug 9, 2018

A diver scouring the ocean floor for lost shipwrecks around the Bermuda Triangle, of all places,stumbled upon something strange that left him wondering if it may have come from outer space.

Rare Audio Reveals New Insights on Iconic Australian UFO Case

Aug 8, 2018

A fascinating piece of audio concerning an iconic Australian UFO case has surfaced online and sheds new light on the legendary event known as the 'Westall Incident.'

Odd UFO Filmed Flying Past Moon

Aug 1, 2018

A skywatcher filming the moon was left scratching his head after spotting a strange white object zipping through the sky.

New Documents Regarding Pentagon UFO Project Emerge

Jul 26, 2018

A pair of intriguing documents concerning the much-discussed Pentagon UFO program have been made public for the first time.

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