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Video: SpaceX Starlink Satellites Spark Slew of UFO Sightings in Several Statespicture

Video: SpaceX Starlink Satellites Spark Slew of UFO Sightings in Several States

Residents in several western states were left wondering if they were witnessing some kind of alien invasion due to a string of strange lights spotted in the night sky, but the proverbial mass UFO sighting turned out to be merely a launch of...

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DoD Inspector General to Evaluate Pentagon's Handling of UFOs

In an intriguing turn of events, the Inspector General for the Department of Defense has announced plans to conduct an evaluation of how the Pentagon has responded to the UFO phenomenon.

Video: UFO Lands in Bolivian Village and Releases...

Residents of a village in Bolivia claim to have witnessed a UFO landing wherein the craft subsequently released a chupacabra-like creature into their community.

Video: NFL Player Revisits UFO Sighting

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield recently reflected on a rather curious incident from earlier this year wherein he and his wife spotted a UFO in the night sky.

Knapp's News 4/18/21

George Knapp shares a number of recent news items of interest, including news about the UFOs spotted by the American and Canadian militaries.

Pentagon Confirms Recently Leaked UFO Photos & Video Are Genuine

In a rather remarkable admission, the Pentagon has confirmed that recently leaked photos and a video of UFOs are, in fact, genuine.

Bookmaker Slashes Odds on ET Disclosure

In anticipation of the forthcoming Pentagon UFO report due to be released later this year, an Irish bookmaker has reportedly reduced their odds on extraterrestrial disclosure to a significant degree.

'UFO Detector' Sparks Bomb Scare

Authorities at a state forest in New Jersey were forced to call in a bomb squad following the discovery of a bizarre-looking contraption described as an instrument for identifying UFOs.

National Parks Celebrate April Fool's Day with Paranormal...

In honor of April Fool's Day, a number of national parks turned to the paranormal in an attempt to pull a fast one on their social media followers.

Annual Canadian UFO Survey Finds Significant Increase in...

A fascinating and exhaustive annual examination of UFO reports from Canada found that 2020 was a particularly active year for sightings with a whopping 46% increase in cases.

Knapp's News 3/28/21

George Knapp shares a number of recent news items of interest, including an article about an artist's experimentation with AI.

Cluster of Lanterns Over Mississippi Mistaken for Fleet of UFOs

A UFO mystery in Mississippi turned out to be rather short-lived as a curious set of lights suspected of being alien in nature was ultimately revealed to be merely a cluster of lanterns.

UFO Sighting Sends Man to the Hospital

A man in Zimbabwe wound up needing medical attention following a UFO sighting which was so unsettling that he actually fell from his motorcycle in fright.

Video: Former Director of National Intelligence Hints at...

In a recent interview with Fox News, former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe shared insights on the UFO phenomenon and suggested that a forthcoming government report on the subject could contain significant revelations.

Knapp's News 3/21/21

George Knapp shares items of recent interest, including an article about the US government's knowledge of UFO sightings.

Video: Odd 'UFO' Spotted Over Wichita

What seems to be something of a mass UFO sighting occurred in the city of Wichita, Kansas last week and sparked debate among residents over what the odd object could have been.

NFL Quarterback Reports UFO Sighting

The quarterback for the NFL's Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield, is the latest sports star to find themselves connected to the UFO phenomenon after he took to social media last night to report seeing something inexplicable in the sky.

Watch: UFO Spotted on Israeli Newscast

A sharp-eyed individual watching an Israeli newscast noticed a curious ball of light hovering in the sky behind a reporter and some suspect that the oddity could be alien in nature.

Knapp's News 2/28/21

George Knapp shares items including an article about how the Brazilian Air Force has been open about their UFO investigations.

Pilot Reports Odd UFO Over New Mexico

In an intriguing incident that occurred over the weekend, the pilot of a flight to Phoenix contacted air traffic controllers to report a close encounter with a strange-looking UFO.

Knapp's News 2/21/21

George Knapp shares recent items of interest including an article about Gobekli Tepe, considered one of the oldest structures in the world.

Watch: Odd UFO Spotted on French Newscast

An odd moment during a French newscast appears to show a UFO zip through the sky behind a correspondent who is stationed in Moscow.

Video: Missile Test Off Florida Coast Spawns Slew of UFO Reports

A ballistic missile test off the coast of Florida on Tuesday evening sparked a slew of UFO reports from bewildered witnesses who thought they had seen something alien.

Watch: Indiana Cops Spot UFO Cluster

A pair of cops in Indiana were left scratching their heads earlier this week when they spotted a puzzling cluster of lights hovering in the night sky.

Knapp's News 1/31/21

George Knapp shares items of recent interest, including revelations from his interview with Bob Bigelow.

Pakistani Airline Crew Spots 'Foo Fighter'

The crew of an airliner flying over Pakistan were bewildered when they looked out the window and spotted an odd white orb that some have likened to the legendary Foo Fighter phenomenon of World War II.

Knapp's News 1/24/21

George Knapp shares recent items of interest including a piece that ponders whether Nikola Tesla had alien connections.

Airline Passenger Films UFO Near-Miss

A dramatic video filmed by a passenger aboard an airliner flying over Switzerland shows what appears to be a near-miss with a UFO.

Watch: Odd Trio of UFOs Spotted in NYC

A curious video from New York City shows an odd trio of lights that appear to form a triangle in the night sky.

Knapp's News 1/17/21

George Knapp shares items of recent interest including a piece about the looming deadline for a Pentagon report on UFOs.


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