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NFL Quarterback Reports UFO Sightingpicture

NFL Quarterback Reports UFO Sighting

The quarterback for the NFL's Cleveland Browns, Baker Mayfield, is the latest sports star to find themselves connected to the UFO phenomenon after he took to social media last night to report seeing something inexplicable in the sky.

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Watch: UFO Spotted on Israeli Newscast

A sharp-eyed individual watching an Israeli newscast noticed a curious ball of light hovering in the sky behind a reporter and some suspect that the oddity could be alien in nature.

Knapp's News 2/28/21

George Knapp shares items including an article about how the Brazilian Air Force has been open about their UFO investigations.

Pilot Reports Odd UFO Over New Mexico

In an intriguing incident that occurred over the weekend, the pilot of a flight to Phoenix contacted air traffic controllers to report a close encounter with a strange-looking UFO.

Knapp's News 2/21/21

George Knapp shares recent items of interest including an article about Gobekli Tepe, considered one of the oldest structures in the world.

Watch: Odd UFO Spotted on French Newscast

An odd moment during a French newscast appears to show a UFO zip through the sky behind a correspondent who is stationed in Moscow.

Video: Missile Test Off Florida Coast Spawns Slew of UFO Reports

A ballistic missile test off the coast of Florida on Tuesday evening sparked a slew of UFO reports from bewildered witnesses who thought they had seen something alien.

Watch: Indiana Cops Spot UFO Cluster

A pair of cops in Indiana were left scratching their heads earlier this week when they spotted a puzzling cluster of lights hovering in the night sky.

Knapp's News 1/31/21

George Knapp shares items of recent interest, including revelations from his interview with Bob Bigelow.

Pakistani Airline Crew Spots 'Foo Fighter'

The crew of an airliner flying over Pakistan were bewildered when they looked out the window and spotted an odd white orb that some have likened to the legendary Foo Fighter phenomenon of World War II.

Knapp's News 1/24/21

George Knapp shares recent items of interest including a piece that ponders whether Nikola Tesla had alien connections.

Airline Passenger Films UFO Near-Miss

A dramatic video filmed by a passenger aboard an airliner flying over Switzerland shows what appears to be a near-miss with a UFO.

Watch: Odd Trio of UFOs Spotted in NYC

A curious video from New York City shows an odd trio of lights that appear to form a triangle in the night sky.

Knapp's News 1/17/21

George Knapp shares items of recent interest including a piece about the looming deadline for a Pentagon report on UFOs.

Tim Swartz Materials 1/13/21

In tandem with his appearance on the 1/13/21 show, Tim Swartz shares images related to his presentation on UFOs and aliens.

Watch: Airliner Nearly Collides with Balloon

A wild video circulating online shows a shockingly close encounter between an airliner and a colorful balloon that comes careening towards it in midair.

Watch: Blue UFO Over Oahu

A UFO was sighted by multiple witnesses over the Hawaiian island of Oahu last week.

C2C's Top UFO Stories of 2020

Despite the coronavirus pandemic understandably dominating the news over the past year, UFOs managed to remain a hot topic of conversation in the mainstream media and among the general public in 2020 as the phenomenon strengthened its grasp on...

Retired Israeli General Claims Aliens Exist & United States...

The former head of Israel's space security program has sparked worldwide headlines following a shocking interview in which he claimed that humans have made contact with aliens and that their existence has been kept secret at the behest of a...

Watch: Obama Talks UFOs with Colbert

Former president Barack Obama was recently asked whether or not he had been briefed on UFOs and, in response, offered a rather tantalizing answer.

UFO Nearly Hits Airliner Over England

In a worrisome incident that unfolded in the skies over England, a Boeing 737 nearly collided with an unidentified flying object that came within ten feet of the airliner.

Video: Minnesota Man Tracks Odd UFO Activity

Over the course of the last six months, a Minnesota man has documented dozens of strange events in which mysterious lights hover in the night sky near his home.

Watch: Cluster of UFOs Filmed in Dallas

An odd video captured by a Dallas resident shows a series of glowing orbs hovering in the night sky and the bewildered witness believes they may have been alien in nature.

Rare 'UFO House' for Sale in New Zealand

An incredibly rare Futuro House has been put up for sale in New Zealand, where less than ten of the flying saucer-shaped residences exist.

'Crashed Saucer' Spotted on Mars

An anomaly hunter scouring NASA images for strange and unusual objects on the surface of Mars spotted what appears to be a crashed flying saucer.

Video: Cluster of UFOs Filmed in Mexico

An intriguing video from Mexico shows a curious cluster of lights in the sky and some suspect that they could be an armada of alien craft.

Maui 'Mystery Lights' Revealed to be Rocket Booster Reentry

A curious cluster of lights spotted in the sky over Maui this weekend had some wondering if they were seeing visitors from another world, but experts say that the odd event was likely just a rocket booster burning up as it reentered the Earth's...

Miley Cyrus Reveals Strange UFO Sighting

Pop star Miley Cyrus claims she was once chased by a UFO and made eye contact with an alien being that was aboard the craft.

Pop Star Demi Lovato Films UFO, Claims to Have Contact with Aliens

In a surprising social media post this past weekend, pop star Demi Lovato shared a video of an anomalous object which she believes to be a UFO and claimed that she can contact aliens.

Famed Canadian UFO Event Featured on Colorful New Coin

A legendary UFO sighting which took place in Canada over four decades ago is being celebrated by way of a colorful new coin.


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