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The Strange Odyssey of Art Bell's Statuepicture

The Strange Odyssey of Art Bell's Statue

Paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren has put together a website documenting the strange odyssey of Art Bell's alien statue. The carved mahogany creation nicknamed "Carville," stands 5-ft.-tall and was originally made as a gift for Rush...

Categories: Weird & Bizarre, Extraterrestrial

Syndrome with Horrifying Hallucinations to be Studied

Many visually impaired people suffer from a mysterious syndrome in which they see bizarre hallucinations. The University of Oxford recently announced that they will begin a study of the condition known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS), which...

Watch: Tourist Posing for Photo Breaks Statue at Italian Art Museum

Art aficionados in Italy are fuming following an unfortunate incident in which an Austrian tourist visiting one of country's museums wound up snapping the toes off of a 200-year-old statue while posing for a photo atop the piece.

Pair of Treasure Hunts Turn Fatal

Pair of Treasure Hunts Turn Fatalpicture

In what can only be described as a truly bizarre coincidence, treasure hunts in two separate countries turned fatal this past week.

Iceland Says 'Send Us Your Screams'

An Icelandic tourism group has devised a clever ad campaign that encourages people frustrated by the coronavirus pandemic to send them recordings of their screams which will then be broadcast throughout the picturesque country.

Video: 'Cursed' Rock Returned to Colorado Parks Department

Video: 'Cursed' Rock Returned to Colorado Parks Departmentpicture

An individual who was gifted a rock that was stolen from a park in Colorado recently sent the object back to state officials in the hopes of shedding what they believe is a curse attached to the pilfered item.

Video: Mysterious Chicken Provides Comfort at Late Teen's Grave

Video: Mysterious Chicken Provides Comfort at Late Teen's Gravepicture

Leading up to the one year anniversary of their son's death, a Minnesota family says that they have been comforted by the presence of a mysterious chicken which has inexplicably taken up residence at this grave over the last few weeks.

Vintage Articles About Mars

7/21/20 guest Marc Hartzman shares vintage articles and illustrations from his new book, The Big Book of Mars.

Fish with Human-Like Mouth Goes Viral

The latest strange creature to garner viral attention via Twitter is a fish with a human-like mouth and teeth. Twitter user Raff Nasir shared images of the oddity earlier this month. Subsequently, the Rakyat Post in Malaysia weighed in to...

Watch: Odd 'Alien Lizard' Goes Viral

A bizarre piece of footage making the rounds online shows what appears to be some kind of lizard-like creature that sports long human-like arms.

New 'Drive-In' Haunted House Experience in Japan

A Tokyo-based company directs blood-drenched 'zombies' to attack your car.

Watch: Opera House Concert Serenades Thousands of Potted Plants

Watch: Opera House Concert Serenades Thousands of Potted Plantspicture

On Monday, the El Liceu opera house in Barcelona hosted a special concert for 2,292 house plants. The event, organized by Spanish conceptual artist Eugenio Ampudia, took place just as Spain lifted its three-month state of emergency. Reaffirming...

Oregon Park Named After Legendary 'Exploding Whale' Incident

Oregon Park Named After Legendary 'Exploding Whale' Incidentpicture

A new park in Oregon has been given a rather odd moniker in honor of its home city's rather bizarre claim to fame.

'Pizza Stalker' Plagues Belgian Man

In a bizarre story out of Belgium, a beleaguered man claims that some nefarious individual has been ordering countless pizzas to be delivered to his home for the last nine years!

Mystery of Green Egg Yolks

Mystery of Green Egg Yolkspicture

Like Dr. Seuss' 'Green Eggs and Ham' come to life, the hens of a farmer in Malappuram, India, lay eggs with dark green yolks.

Video: Man Breaks into Museum, Takes Selfies with T. Rex Skull

A mischievous Australian man is in hot water with authorities after he broke into a museum and, during the unauthorized visit, snapped some selfies with an enormous T. Rex skull.

Watch: Body Moves Inside Coffin During Burial Service?

Watch: Body Moves Inside Coffin During Burial Service?picture

An unsettling piece of footage from a burial service in Indonesia appears to show the corpse waving from the inside of the coffin.

Watch: Hungry Condors Eye Poodles

A wild video out of Chile shows a pair of massive condors sizing up a group of frightened poodles that were, fortunately, protected by a window.

Museums Showcase Creepiest Objects

Museums Showcase Creepiest Objectspicture

Museums from around the world are showcasing their creepiest objects on social media as part of a nightmarish competition.

Mysterious Flaming Object Spotted Over England

Mysterious Flaming Object Spotted Over Englandpicture

A mysterious flaming object spiraling through the sky over Cambridgeshire was spotted this past Wednesday.

Watch: Monkey Spotted Flying a Kite

A bizarre piece of footage from India shows a monkey perched atop a building and flying a kite!

Icelandic Forestry Service Suggests Hugging Trees to Combat...

The Forestry Service department of Iceland has put forward a bizarre recommendation to residents adhering to strict coronavirus-fueled social distancing guidelines that prevent physical contact with friends and family: hug a tree to combat...

Watch: Wild Goats Invade Welsh Town

A town in Wales on lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has been overrun by dozens of wild goats.

Bizarre Possum Tail Mystery Puzzles Motorists in New Zealand

A strange mystery has gripped a county in New Zealand as numerous motorists in several communities have reported finding severed possum tails littering long stretches of road.

Two-Headed Snake Born in Australia

A worker from an Australian veterinary clinic got quite the surprise when he removed a snake from a home and the creature gave birth to a two-headed offspring in his car.

Indiana Mom's Encounter with 'Demon Face' Has Amusing Explanation

An Indiana woman's tale of encountering a glowing demonic face in the middle of the night has gone viral thanks to its amusing ending.

'Cursed' Doll Found in Mexican River

Residents of a town in Mexico were left unsettled when a creepy-looking doll suspected of being cursed was pulled from a river.

Video: Anomaly Hunter Spots 'Mermaid' in Antarctica on Google Earth

An anomaly hunter searching for strange and unusual objects photographed by Google Earth spotted a puzzling oddity in Antarctica that some suspect could be a mermaid.

Woman Faces Blindness After Getting Eyeballs Dyed Black

Woman Faces Blindness After Getting Eyeballs Dyed Blackpicture

The 25-year-old sought to emulate the look of a rapper who had the procedure.

China Dismisses Reported Plan to Send 100,000 Locust-Eating...

To the dismay of many observers who wondered how such a strange plan would unfold, officials in China say that, contrary to reports online, they are not sending a 100,000-strong army of locust-eating ducks to Pakistan to thwart the ravenous...


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