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Terrifying 'Tree Creature' in Poland Revealed to be a Croissantpicture

Terrifying 'Tree Creature' in Poland Revealed to be a Croissant

A Polish animal welfare organization had a good laugh after they responded to a report of a terrifying tree creature and discovered that the 'menacing beast' was merely a croissant.

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Treasure Hunt Turns Tragic in India

Treasure Hunt Turns Tragic in Indiapicture

In an unfortunate story out of India, a pair of men who had been led to believe that there was a treasure hidden in their backyard perished by way of an accident that occurred during their dig.

Video: Man Receives Final Paycheck in the Form of 91,500 Greasy Pennies

Video: Man Receives Final Paycheck in the Form of 91,500 Greasy Penniespicture

A Georgia man awaiting a final paycheck from his former job at an automotive shop was not too thrilled when he finally received the $915 payment in the form of 91,500 grease-covered pennies.

Crystal Ball to Blame for Blaze in Wisconsin

Crystal Ball to Blame for Blaze in Wisconsinpicture

In what ought to be a cautionary tale for soothsayers and occultists with a penchant for home decor, a crystal ball is being blamed for a fairly sizeable fire that erupted in a Wisconsin residence.

Video: Stuffed Three-Headed Duckling Mysteriously Sent to Canadian Man

A Canadian man was understandably bewildered when he received a mysterious package in the mail containing a taxidermic duckling that sports three heads.

Blue Dogs Discovered Near Russian Factory

Blue Dogs Discovered Near Russian Factorypicture

Several stray dogs with bright blue fur were recently found roaming near a derelict factory in Dzerzhinsk, Russia.

Video: Eerie 'Doll Altar' Found in England

Video: Eerie 'Doll Altar' Found in Englandpicture

A woman walking through a wooded area in England stumbled upon a rather unsettling scene in the form of an eerie collection of baby dolls that had been fastened to trees as part of what appeared to be a makeshift altar.

'Dead Body' Discovered by Dutch Police Revealed to be Realistic Snowman

Cops in the Netherlands breathed a sigh of relief earlier this week when a 'dead body' that they had discovered in a park turned out to be just a realistic-looking snowman.

'Dead' Woman in Argentina Discovered Alive Seconds Before...

'Dead' Woman in Argentina Discovered Alive Seconds Before Scheduled Cremationpicture

In a wild story out of Argentina, a daughter mourning the loss of her mother was stunned to discover that the ailing senior was still alive mere seconds before she was set to be cremated.

Twisted Telemarketer Targets Ohio Man

An Ohio man who lost his temper with a telemarketer wound up regretting it shortly thereafter when the person calling his house subsequently phoned the police pretending to be him confessing to a murder!

Iguana Jumps on Fireman's Helmet to Escape Burning House

At a blazing house in the English village of Corby, a quick-thinking iguana jumped on the helmet of a fireman, who unknowingly carried the pet reptile to safety. The incident, which occurred on Wednesday night, is perhaps unique in the annals of...

Misidentified Potato Sparks Search for 'Human Remains' in England

A police department in England got quite the laugh when they received a worrisome report about possible human remains being discovered and, upon searching for the suspected body, found a potato.

So Long 2020, You Weirdo!

What was the best part of 2020? Weird News from Coast, of course!

20 of the Weirdest Stories from 2020

20 of the Weirdest Stories from 2020picture

As this unfathomable year comes to a close, it would be an understatement to say that there was no shortage of strange and unusual stories over the last twelve months.

Crazy Christmastime Round-Up

While we hope you're having a joy-filled holiday, sometimes Yuletide activities head into strange turf.

Man Claiming to be from Saturn Files Lawsuit Against Federal Government

In a bizarre story out of Texas, a man claiming to be from Saturn has filed a lawsuit against the federal government alleging that they have violated his civil rights.

Watch: Errant 'Santa' Rescued from Power Lines in California

Watch: Errant 'Santa' Rescued from Power Lines in Californiapicture

A California man clad in a Santa Claus costume and strapped to a paraglider wound up needing to be rescued by firefighters after his ride went wildly awry.

New Section of 'Tower of Skulls' Uncovered

At a site in Mexico City, archaeologists have unearthed new sections of a large Aztec "skull tower." Some 119 additional skulls were recently excavated at the location, initially discovered in a 2015 building restoration, BBC reports.

Watch: Distressed Plane Lands on Highway in Minnesota

 Watch: Distressed Plane Lands on Highway in Minnesotapicture

Motorists in Minnesota were stunned when a distressed aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on the highway in the middle of three vehicles that were cruising down the road.

Video: Eerie 'Mystery Knocker' Leaves Malaysian Villages on Edge

A strange panic is sweeping over parts of Malaysia after multiple people in different villages reported hearing a persistent knocking at their door, but finding no one there when they looked to see who was behind the baffling banging.

French School Tells Parents to Stop Tossing Tardy Students Over Gate

French School Tells Parents to Stop Tossing Tardy Students Over Gatepicture

An elementary school in France was forced to take action after parents of late-arriving students were seen throwing their children over a six-foot-high gate so that they could get to class on time.

Statue 'Restoration' in Spain is Breathtakingly Bad

Statue 'Restoration' in Spain is Breathtakingly Badpicture

Much to the amusement of many people online and the outrage of art enthusiasts the world over, a statue in Spain is turning heads after an attempt at restoring the piece transformed it into a cartoonish monstrosity.

Watch: Security Camera Films Odd Entity

A curious piece of security camera footage from a home in Wisconsin appears to show some kind of entity with strange hands briefly peering out from behind a door before disappearing.

Yellowstone Visitor Caught Cooking Chicken in Thermal Spring

An Idaho man has been banned from visiting Yellowstone National Park for the next two years after rangers caught him cooking a chicken in the site's famed thermal springs.

Cop Stops Car with Snowmobile on Roof

A state trooper in Wisconsin made a rather unusual stop this weekend when he pulled over a car that sported a snowmobile strapped sideways to its roof.

Video: Runaway Train in Netherlands Lands on Sculpture of Whale's Tail

Video: Runaway Train in Netherlands Lands on Sculpture of Whale's Tail picture

A disaster was narrowly averted in the Netherlands when a runaway subway train smashed through a barrier at the end of its line and wound up coming to rest atop an enormous sculpture of a whale's tail.

Video: Cops in Texas Encounter Bizarre 'Creature'

Responding to reports of a giant mystery creature roaming the streets, a pair of police officers in Texas tracked down the 'monster' which turned out to be a man in a bizarre Halloween costume.

Watch: Fish with Eerie Human-Like Face Caught in Thailand

A fisherman in Thailand was aghast when he reeled in a catch that sported an eerie human-like face that appeared to be sad about its fate.

Cow Spotted Eating Snake in Australia

A motorist cruising down a remote highway in Australia could not believe his eyes when he looked over at the side of the road and spotted a cow munching on a snake.

Remote Control Car Spotted Speeding Down Highway Flummoxes Finnish Cops

Authorities in Finland were left scratching their heads after a traffic camera photographed a remote control car speeding down a highway at over forty miles-per-hour.


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