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Mystery of Green Egg Yolkspicture

Mystery of Green Egg Yolks

Like Dr. Seuss' 'Green Eggs and Ham' come to life, the hens of a farmer in Malappuram, India, lay eggs with dark green yolks.

Categories: Weird & Bizarre

Video: Man Breaks into Museum, Takes Selfies with T. Rex Skull

A mischievous Australian man is in hot water with authorities after he broke into a museum and, during the unauthorized visit, snapped some selfies with an enormous T. Rex skull.

Watch: Body Moves Inside Coffin During Burial Service?

Watch: Body Moves Inside Coffin During Burial Service?picture

An unsettling piece of footage from a burial service in Indonesia appears to show the corpse waving from the inside of the coffin.

Watch: Hungry Condors Eye Poodles

A wild video out of Chile shows a pair of massive condors sizing up a group of frightened poodles that were, fortunately, protected by a window.

Museums Showcase Creepiest Objects

Museums Showcase Creepiest Objectspicture

Museums from around the world are showcasing their creepiest objects on social media as part of a nightmarish competition.

Mysterious Flaming Object Spotted Over England

Mysterious Flaming Object Spotted Over Englandpicture

A mysterious flaming object spiraling through the sky over Cambridgeshire was spotted this past Wednesday.

Watch: Monkey Spotted Flying a Kite

A bizarre piece of footage from India shows a monkey perched atop a building and flying a kite!

Icelandic Forestry Service Suggests Hugging Trees to Combat...

The Forestry Service department of Iceland has put forward a bizarre recommendation to residents adhering to strict coronavirus-fueled social distancing guidelines that prevent physical contact with friends and family: hug a tree to combat...

Watch: Wild Goats Invade Welsh Town

A town in Wales on lockdown to prevent the spread of the coronavirus has been overrun by dozens of wild goats.

Bizarre Possum Tail Mystery Puzzles Motorists in New Zealand

A strange mystery has gripped a county in New Zealand as numerous motorists in several communities have reported finding severed possum tails littering long stretches of road.

Two-Headed Snake Born in Australia

A worker from an Australian veterinary clinic got quite the surprise when he removed a snake from a home and the creature gave birth to a two-headed offspring in his car.

Indiana Mom's Encounter with 'Demon Face' Has Amusing Explanation

An Indiana woman's tale of encountering a glowing demonic face in the middle of the night has gone viral thanks to its amusing ending.

'Cursed' Doll Found in Mexican River

Residents of a town in Mexico were left unsettled when a creepy-looking doll suspected of being cursed was pulled from a river.

Video: Anomaly Hunter Spots 'Mermaid' in Antarctica on Google Earth

An anomaly hunter searching for strange and unusual objects photographed by Google Earth spotted a puzzling oddity in Antarctica that some suspect could be a mermaid.

Woman Faces Blindness After Getting Eyeballs Dyed Black

Woman Faces Blindness After Getting Eyeballs Dyed Blackpicture

The 25-year-old sought to emulate the look of a rapper who had the procedure.

China Dismisses Reported Plan to Send 100,000 Locust-Eating...

To the dismay of many observers who wondered how such a strange plan would unfold, officials in China say that, contrary to reports online, they are not sending a 100,000-strong army of locust-eating ducks to Pakistan to thwart the ravenous...

Daredevil Flat Earther 'Mad' Mike Hughes Dies in Homemade Rocket Crash

'Mad' Mike Hughes, the daredevil Flat Earth enthusiast who garnered worldwide headlines with his homemade rocket launch back in 2018, sadly passed away this weekend when an attempt at exceeding his previous feat turned tragic.

Border Patrol Finds Human Brain in Package Shipped from Canada

What was thought to be a routine security check of a Canadian mail truck entering the United States turned out to be anything but that as officers discovered a package that contained a human brain!

Video: Pigeons Outfitted with MAGA Hats Released by 'Radical...

The bizarre trend of Las Vegas pigeons wearing hats has taken yet another weird turn as a self-described 'underground radical group' recently shared a video showing the birds outfitted with Make America Great Again hats and set free to roam the...

Video: Russian Stuntman Survives Being Buried in Snow for 13 Minutes

Video: Russian Stuntman Survives Being Buried in Snow for 13 Minutespicture

A Russian daredevil dubbed 'Iceman' due to his seemingly supernatural abilities to withstand frigid temperatures survived being buried in snow for 13 minutes in a special Valentine's Day stunt dedicated to his wife.

Driver Busted Using Carpool Lane with Giant Stuffed Dinosaur...

Cops in Washington state caught a motorist driving in a highway carpool lane with a giant stuffed dinosaur riding shotgun.

Watch: Bird Appears Suspended in Sky

Watch: Bird Appears Suspended in Skypicture

A video uploaded to Facebook shows what appears to be a bird hovering motionless in mid-air.

Video: Cyclops Puppy Born in Thailand

A jaw-dropping video from Thailand features a puppy that was born with just one eye in the center of its head.

Video: Ohio Family Receives 55,000 Letters in Strange Mail Mishap

Video: Ohio Family Receives 55,000 Letters in Strange Mail Mishappicture

An Ohio family found themselves with a rather odd problem on their hands when a mailing system error at a loan company led to them receiving 55,000 copies of the same letter.

Birds Swarm Over Texas Parking Lot

Like a scene out of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, a swarm of great-tailed grackles descended upon a shopping center.

'Fairy Friends' Oppose Scottish Fish Farm

A proposed fish farm in Scotland has been met with some odd opposition in the form of an objection from people concerned that it will disturb fairies.

Pigeon Wearing Sombrero Seen in Reno

In what is undoubtedly a copycat of a similar strange case out of Nevada, a pigeon in Reno was recently spotted wearing a tiny sombrero.

Hundreds of Marauding Monkeys Force Villagers to Flee Their...

A village in India has turned into something of a ghost town after being overrun by hundreds of marauding monkeys that forced several families to flee their homes.

Spooky Elsa Doll 'Haunts' Houston Family

Opening themselves up to an endless amount of 'Let It Go' jokes, a family in Houston says that they were stuck with a spooky Elsa doll that kept mysteriously reappearing at their house when they tried to throw it away.

'Alien Abduction' Filmed by Doorbell Cam

A couple in Texas got quite the laugh when they looked at footage from their doorbell camera and noticed that a glitch in the system created a scene resembling some kind of alien abduction.


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