Aage Nost

Aage Nost


Aage Nost is the author of "Spiritual Science, Higher Consciousness Thinking and How To Access the Universal Consciousness." By age 25, he had learned several languages, and studied science, including metaphysics and different forms and theories of spirituality. At age 25 he left Norway to go to the USA to go to flight school at Emery School of Aviation in Greeley, Colorado, where he obtained numerous pilot licenses. He co-wrote a book titled "Alien Encounters in America's Midwest,” which featured hidden government documents on the cover-up of the UFO issue, NASA prints of buildings and structures on our Moon, and personal testimonies from people who have had contacts with extraterrestrials. With his partner, Nori Love, they have created a MasterMind for Meditation and Manifestation of the future we'd like to see.



Past Shows:

  • Astral Travel & Life Extension / Open Lines

    Aage Nost, an expert in fields such as strange science, the paranormal, the real power of the mind, and universal consciousness, discussed his research into astral travel and life extension. Open Lines followed.More »

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