Time Travel / AI Armageddon

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Time Travel / AI Armageddon

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Aage Nost, an expert in fields such as strange science, the paranormal, the real power of the mind, and universal consciousness, joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) in the first half of the program to discuss the late inventor Steven Gibb's Time Travel Device.

It's a small black box with switches and dials that can be tuned to the user's unique frequency, combining their body frequency and consciousness, Nost explained. The user holds an electromagnet against their solar plexus, places a headband with a time coil around their head, and uses a stick plate to tune the device to their frequency. Once everything is set, the user meditates to lower their brainwave pattern to the bottom of the Alpha range, around 7.4 cycles per second. It's essential to set goals and have a clear mental image of what you want to achieve with the device, he revealed.

Nost shared an anecdote about a time travel experience he had in 1999 when he used the device. He found himself walking down a street where people seemed to notice him, read a newspaper six months in the future, and witnessed a possible future with a stock market crash, military control, and social unrest. He emphasized the device's results are influenced by the user's consciousness and that they might end up in different timelines, so what they see may not necessarily be the future that unfolds.


How did the idea of artificial intelligence first emerge? Was it destined from the beginning to become the destroyer of mankind? During the latter part of the show, researcher Josh Reeves explored his grim predictions regarding artificial intelligence (AI), examining the history of AI and where we may be headed with the emergence of this world-changing technology.

Reeves covered the historical roots of AI and the ancient Greeks' use of clockwork machines. He mentioned how AI has been contemplated for centuries, going all the way back to ancient civilizations, and reported on the development of AI in the 1950s and various milestones in AI history, such as the work of John McCarthy and the development of machine learning.

Reeves voiced apprehension about the potential uses of AI and suggested the idea of using AI for global governance and depopulation has been around for a long time. He highlighted the importance of who controls AI and expressed skepticism about the intentions of those in control. He also revealed AI technology is being used to reduce birth rates, noting the current technology is only the beginning and has the potential become more powerful in the future. He recommended listeners become more informed and engaged in AI-related topics.

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