Aaron Deese

Aaron Deese


Aaron Deese is a San Antonio, Texas, author and researcher and the former editor-in-chief of Paranormality Magazine. When he’s not chasing werewolves, he enjoys books, cartoons, video games, podcasting, and nunchucks. Aaron lives with his wife Sara (with whom he hosts the podcast Hey Strangeness) and son Ezra, along with way too many cats, near the Alamo.



Past Shows:

  • LSD, CIA, & Nazis / Dogman Tales

    Journalist Norman Ohler discussed the connections between Nazi Germany, LSD, the CIA, and the War on Drugs. Followed by researcher Aaron Deese on reports of the Dogman in the Land Between the Lakes.More »

Last Night

Biblical Prophecy / Geoengineering
Biblical Prophecy / Geoengineering
Financial analyst Benjamin Baruch discussed the world's current financial situation and how it reflects prophecy found in the Bible. Followed by activist Dane Wigington, who spoke about how geoengineering harms the environment.


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