Amy O'Pry Massey

Amy O'Pry Massey


Psychic medium and communication coach Amy O'Pry Massey works with individuals, business owners, and executives in reaching goals through business and life coaching, intuitive communication, corporate training, social media marketing, and web design. Her course topics include leadership, communication, creating company culture, interpersonal sales, teamwork, time management, customer service, performance management, power of productivity, business development, goal setting, managing your online profile, and first impressions count. She also offers life coaching and evidential psychic mediumship readings.


Past Shows:

  • Staying Young / Spirit Communication

    Holistic plastic surgeon Dr. Tony Youn discussed how to look younger naturally through such things as skincare and diet. Followed by psychic medium Amy O'Pry on her interactions with spirits and higher states.More »
  • Metaverse & Virtual Real Estate / Psychic Mediumship

    Author and former banker John Truman Wolfe discussed the rapidly growing metaverse and virtual real estate. Followed by psychic medium Amy O'Pry Massey on her path to communicating with spirits.More »