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Metaverse & Virtual Real Estate / Psychic Mediumship

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Author and former banker John Truman Wolfe is the publisher of the widely heralded financial newsletter Strategic Financial Intelligence. In the first half, he discussed the rapidly growing metaverse and digital items like NFTs and virtual property. The metaverse "is a highly immersive virtual world where people gather to's a whole virtual universe," and there are multiple worlds, he explained. Metaverse real estate has become a big business, he reported, with the market for virtual properties growing in leaps and bounds. When Decentraland, one of the most prominent purveyors of metaverse real estate, first started, you could purchase a lot for $20-- today, that piece of virtual property might be worth $15,000, Wolfe marveled.

There are now purchases of digital real estate that total in the millions of dollars, he continued. Snoop Dogg built a metaverse mansion similar in design to the real one he lives in, and someone bought the lot next to him for a whopping $460,000, he cited (sales are made using the cryptocurrency ethereum). You can also build a store in the metaverse and sell things like fashions for the avatars that inhabit the realm. "There's a whole fashion street in Decentraland that's like Bond Street in London," he remarked. The world is going increasingly digital, and cash will soon be a relic, Wolfe cautioned, adding that with an all-electronic currency system, the government might monitor and track citizen's purchases.


In the latter half, psychic medium and communication coach Amy O'Pry Massey shared how the loss of her sister was the connection that made her realize her true calling was psychic mediumship. When her sister went missing, she went to various psychics to obtain information about what happened to her. One of the psychics, a woman in Shreveport, LA, became O'Pry's teacher, helping her to develop mediumship and psychic abilities. O'Pry does not believe in peering into people's lives without their permission, so she only worked with willing subjects in honing her craft.

O'Pry made contact with her deceased sister, and learned that she was not particularly concerned that her body was never found (a serial killer was eventually convicted for her murder). Spirits, O'Pry learned, are not all-knowing just because they are on the Other Side. They often do not share our earthly concerns because they have moved past them or evolved in different ways, she added. When O'Pry is giving readings to clients, she sometimes channels what the spirits say, and the results can be surprising as the personalities of the deceased can range from kind to mean, and be more revealing than they might have been while alive. During the last hour, she gave readings for callers.

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