Angelia Sheer

Angelia Sheer


Angelia Sheer has been investigating the UFO mystery for 35+ years. She founded Parasheer Research, her private research group, and is also the current State Director/Chief Field Investigator and STAR Team Lead for MUFON of Tennessee. Recently, Angelia was invited to join MUFON’S Experiencer’s Research Team (ERT), an international group that investigates high strange events surrounding the UFO phenomena.

Over the years, Angelia has interviewed thousands of witnesses and has been fortunate enough to be present during some major UFO, paranormal and High Strangeness events. She is also a certified master hypnotherapist and uses her training to aid experiencers in dealing with their UFO/ missing time encounters. She shares her incredible cases via live speaking engagements, radio shows, TV episodes, web sites and various other media.



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