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In the first half, Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dean Radin, discussed his Global Consciousness Project (GCP), along with updates on psychic phenomena and healing experiments. The GCP has been collecting data for over 23 years using random number generators (electronic devices) around the globe that people seem to affect during significant world events. " The biggest effect by far," he said, "is the pandemic, and of course, we're still in the middle of it." Rather than random deviations, the curve is going straight down, he continued, and this is the most dramatic change they've seen in the sequences in all their years of data collection. Radin has concluded that mind and matter are interwoven, and it's their mysterious interaction that contributes to the effects seen in the GCP.

GCP 2.0 is currently in the works, he announced, and the plan is to have many more random number generators placed around the world, and this will "allow us to have a much better ability to localize where effects are happening or starting to happen," he enthused. If they'd had that set up in January, they might have observed that something strange was happening in Wuhan, he added. Radin shared that the late Dr. Shafica Karagulla (George Noory's aunt) wrote about how the caudate nucleus in the brain was possibly a kind of antenna for clairvoyance and ESP. He suggested that knowledge of this could lead to possible pills that people could take to increase or decrease their psychic abilities. Radin also reported on successful experiments with energy healers who were able to reduce pain in carpal tunnel patients.


Angelia Sheer has been investigating the UFO mystery for 35+ years. She founded Parasheer Research, her private research group, and is also the current State Director/Chief Field Investigator for MUFON of Tennessee. In the latter half, she discussed UFO cases, visits from non-human entities, orbs, unexplained lights in the sky, and other high strangeness events. As to what might be behind alien phenomena, she believes it could be a complex mix of terrestrial, extraterrestrial, other-dimensional, and spiritual elements. One case Parasheer investigated involved odd moving lights captured on a family's game camera (video). The lights, according to Sheer, seemed to turn into an entity of sorts. Parasheer captured similar phenomena on an infrared (FLIR) camera when they returned to the same area, she reported.

Sheer detailed the strange case of "Witness J," who was taking a baby bird video at a barn-like structure at his family's rural farm when he was enveloped in a bright flash of bluish-white light. Next thing, he awakened on the ground, wholly disoriented, about 80 ft. from the barn, and his keys were broken apart. He realized that there were 2.5 to 3 hours of missing time, and his mother found burn and grid marks on his chest and head. Later, they discovered his phone was still in the barn. It turned out that the video was still recording during the incident, capturing over two hours of strange, disturbing audio that included multiple voices. "J" can be heard moaning, and toward the end, a non-human sounding voice utters in an unrecognizable language.

News segment guests: Lauren Weinstein, Steve Kates

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