Annetta L. Hunter

Annetta L. Hunter


Annetta L. Hunter has been involved in helping people find peace and resolution through hypnotherapy, Rapid therapy and coaching for many years. The more she practiced hypnotherapy the more her psychic and mediumship skills increased which is helping her clients even more by relaying messages from loved ones who have passed. She has been fascinated with UFOs after seeing one riding in the car with her father at 3 years old, then over the years she has seen other unexplained aerial phenomenon. Her wonder for what was beyond our everyday understanding only increased over the years discerning every UFO documentary and feeling for those who were caught up in being taken. She has now decided to use her skills to help those who are suffering through these occurrences with a program to help them make sense, find some understanding, and feel supported.


Past Shows:

  • Surviving Mind Control / Abductee Hypnotherapy

    Erik The Mind Control Guy discussed surviving an alleged Mind Altering Research Study (MARS) by the Army. Followed by therapist Annetta L. Hunter on helping alien abductees process their trauma and move forward with their lives.More »

Last Night

Alien Abductions / Area 51 & FBI Raid
Alien Abductions / Area 51 & FBI Raid
Hypnotherapist and researcher Yvonne Smith shared details and conclusions about alien abductions. Followed by Area 51 researcher Joerg Arnu and his partner Linda Hellow on the FBI raids of their homes.


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