Surviving Mind Control / Abductee Hypnotherapy

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Surviving Mind Control / Abductee Hypnotherapy

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In the first half, Erik The Mind Control Guy, a frequent caller to the show, joined Connie Willis (info) to talk about his claims of surviving regular mental and physical torture by the US military while in the Army as a young man. The abuse, which Erik said was part of a Mind Altering Research Study (MARS), was conducted by military psychiatrists and known only to very few high-level brass. Some of the experiments seemed to be designed to measure the subjects' tolerance for fear or pain, he continued, but at other times the researchers seemed to actually enjoy tormenting the soldiers for their own sadistic pleasure. The torture inflicted included exposure to spiders, snakes, and even tigers and alligators.

Unlike many survivors of trauma, however, Erik explained that his memories of the torture he experienced were wiped clean by his abusers through mind-altering drugs. But his body and brain did retain residual artifacts of the torture, resulting in some of what had happened to him coming back in flashbacks and nightmares. It was over twenty years before Erik could piece together a more complete picture, when he was able to reach out to others who had undergone a similar ordeal. At any rate, he never learned what the memory-erasing drugs in question were called, Erik said.


Annetta L. Hunter has been involved in helping people find peace and resolution through hypnotherapy, rapid therapy, and coaching for many years. In the second half, she discussed her work as an "abductee coach," helping alien abductees process their trauma and move forward with their lives. Hunter's somewhat unusual professional niche—along with her own personal experience with UFOs, otherworldly entities, and supernatural phenomena— makes her expertise particularly valuable to those seeking counseling after encounters with the extraterrestrial and paranormal.

Hunter related a specific case in which a young airman, arriving at an Air Force base, experienced missing time, leading him to realize that he had been abducted. When a caller in New York shared his belief that he's repressing memories of contact and abduction, Hunter recommended hypnotherapy. A Pennsylvania caller described his lifelong encounters with angelic beings as well as extraterrestrials. And Hunter agreed with a listener in California that encounters can be astral as well as physical, and in fact, were in line with her own experiences.

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