Peter Anthony

Peter Anthony


Peter Anthony is an author, as well as television producer, life coach, and an expert in ancient numerology and astrology. He has traveled extensively around the USA as a 'ghost chaser' along with scientific, forensic, paranormal experts on the hit TV show, "Sightings." His many years in the television industry afforded him the privilege to work alongside some of the most amazing, high profile names from TV, film and national news. He has been a guest speaker on numerous international, national, and regional radio talk shows, as well as appeared on Entertainment Tonight, The Leeza Show, PM Magazine, Border Line, Fact or Fiction, and Celebrity Seance.




Past Shows:

  • Numerology/ NDE & the Paranormal

    In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants joined George Noory to give updates on the numerology of the month of May, and presidential hopefuls, as well as to discuss how current events are unfolding along the lines that she predicted earlier in the year. In the latter...More »

Last Night

Alien Encounters / Dark Entities
Alien Encounters / Dark Entities
Occult scholar Mitch Horowitz discussed a wide range of paranormal topics, as well as his upcoming show Alien Encounters: Fact or Fiction. Followed by intuitive healing artist Leah Guy, who spoke about her time living in a haunted house.


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