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In the first half, numerologist Glynis McCants joined George Noory to give updates on the numerology of the month of May, and presidential hopefuls, as well as to discuss how current events are unfolding along the lines that she predicted earlier in the year. Because the World Number 2015 breaks down to an "8," we're seeing a lot of fluctuation around money, which has been reflected in first quarter economy reports, she noted. "8" also has a confrontational energy, which connects with the riots as well as politics, and she expressed concern about the month of August – the "8" month, in an "8" year, where confrontations may peak.

The month of May has a "5" energy, which often brings chaos and drama, and people should prepare for that, McCants remarked. Regarding the presidential candidates, she reported that Marco Rubio has "power numbers," and could be on the ticket for vice-president, if not a presidential nominee himself. Interestingly, Hillary Clinton is a "3" lifepath number, and the last time a "3" lifepath was president was all the way back in 1789, she revealed. McCants offering readings to callers during the second hour, and curiously most of them turned out to be "7's," sharing some of the same issues.


In the latter half, paranormal investigator Peter Anthony, described his life-changing near death experience. In the late 1980s, during a medical emergency, he "crossed over" and began to see a variety of people from his early life, such as his third grade teacher (who appeared much younger than when he was her student). As he moved through a tunnel of white light, he began to see mysterious numerical strings, such as 222, 444, and a series of binary codes (0s and 1s) that seemed to have profound meanings.

After the NDE, Anthony found that he'd developed mediumistic and paranormal abilities and was able to use these skills in investigations. At haunted locations, for instance, he says he employs remote viewing to "time travel" back to the past to uncover the original source or reason behind a haunting. He also talked about his encounter with a strange man on the island of St. Thomas who revealed another spiritual dimension. Nicknamed "Brussels," he was a very tall, white-haired, blue eyed man, who was possibly an angelic being.

News segment guests: Douglas Hagmann, Catherine Austin Fitts, Richard C. Hoagland


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