Ashton Forbes

Ashton Forbes


Ashton Forbes is a citizen journalist and consultant. He grew interested in the UAP phenomenon around 2017 after the DoD/Navy videos were admitted to be real. Since then, he has been an observer of various videos, some more compelling than others. It wasn't until he saw the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 videos that he became a 'citizen journalist,' attempting to disclose their authenticity to the world. The investigation started as a community-led effort on social media, then formed MH370x to build a group of investigators and force the government to admit the videos were true. Their mission is 'true disclosure' on our own terms.


Past Shows:

  • Bigfoot Evidence / MH370 Mystery

    Bigfoot researcher Tobe Johnson and filmmaker Brett Eichenberger discussed their new documentary, Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot. Followed by citizen journalist Ashton Forbes who delved into the mystery of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.More »

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