Bigfoot Evidence / MH370 Mystery

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Bigfoot Evidence / MH370 Mystery

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Bigfoot researcher Tobe Johnson and filmmaker Brett Eichenberger joined guest host Richard Syrett (Twitter) to discuss their new documentary, Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot (view trailer), which explores astonishing encounters, and the mysterious realm of Bigfoot and the paranormal.

Johnson revealed his fascination in Bigfoot arose from discovering footprints near Springfield, Oregon. He detailed how witnesses and Sasquatch contactees described unusual occurrences accompanying proximity to Bigfoot. Eichenberger shared his lifelong exposure to Bigfoot stories in Oregon, discussing instances of hearing unexplained sounds and witnessing glowing eyes.

The two elaborated on the differences between the films Flash of Beauty: Bigfoot Revealed and its sequel, Flash of Beauty: Paranormal Bigfoot. There is a division within the Bigfoot community between believers in Bigfoot as a flesh-and-blood creature and those who see it as interdimensional or paranormal, Eichenberger explained. "We thought... let's give the flesh and blood Bigfoot his own film, and let's get the paranormal Bigfoot his own film," he added.

The conversation expanded to shocking paranormal elements in the documentary, including footage resembling the Predator movie, stories of shape-shifting, experiences of space-time anomalies, and interference with recording equipment. They touched on cloaking, invisibility, and the challenge of finding a Bigfoot body, linking these factors to the absence of concrete evidence.

Eichenberger also detailed instances of UFO sightings associated with Bigfoot encounters, occurrences of gifting phenomena where Bigfoot allegedly leaves gifts, and mind-speak encounters where witnesses claim telepathic communication with Bigfoot. "I've definitely seen some far out stuff to lead me to believe that this is definitely something that's out there and it's out there doing some magic tricks," he said.


In 2014, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 captured the world's attention as it seemingly vanished without a trace. For weeks, it dominated conversations, but with time, it gradually faded from collective memory. During the latter half of the program, citizen journalist Ashton Forbes delved into the mystery of the missing flight, and offered a comprehensive breakdown of two intriguing videos related to the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, focusing on elements like advanced technology, surveillance satellites, thermal imaging, and mysterious orbs seen circling the distressed plane.

Regarding the first video, it involves a satellite recording showing the plane's movements and potential location. The coordinates and satellite designation NROL-22 (USA-184) seem to correlate with known satellite systems in operation, Forbes revealed. The second video appears to be drone footage showing the plane's distress and three orbs in a triangular formation. He argued that these orbs might not contain beings but could be remotely controlled or computer-programmed devices related to advanced human technology. "These orbs that we see here are potentially a contractor of the Department of Defense, that may be working with the Navy, the Air Force, you know, the big names that are out there," Forbes suggested.

Forbes explored related scientific aspects, including room temperature superconductivity, which he believes could have played a crucial role. He suggested that reducing the mass of the plane and accelerating it to extreme speeds might have been possible due to advancements in superconductivity technology. This theory could potentially explain the disappearance of the plane in the videos, he noted.

Forbes theorized about the potential location where the plane might have been transported. He mentioned conspiracy theories pointing to the island of Diego Garcia, citing circumstantial evidence like a fire suppression device found in the Maldives, as well as reported sightings in the region, which aligns with the proximity of a military base.

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