Asimakis "Alfa" Pagidas

Asimakis "Alfa" Pagidas


Asimakis "Alfa" Pagidas studied marine biology at UC Santa Cruz, and holds an MA in philosophy from University of Lancaster (UK). He has a wide range of experience and skills, ranging from scientific fieldwork (expedition organization, research vessel operator, article writing), academic philosophy (phenomenology) as well as animal training (marine mammals and canines). More recently, he has been exclusively involved in full time writing and independent film production in Los Angeles. He also takes dog packs up mountains and runs wild.

Past Shows:

  • Sky Summoners / UFO Research

    Summoners Jim Martin, Michael Seid, and Asimakis "Alfa" Pagidas talked about people who can mentally contact and manuever objects in the sky. Followed by UFO researcher Richard Lang, who discussed practical investigative methodology.More »

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