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Bob Ruff is proof that anyone can make a difference. He spent the first 15 years of his adult life working as a firefighter, and arson investigator. In 2012, Ruff was promoted to the rank of Fire Chief. Over the next three years, he spent more time doing paperwork than fighting fires. He felt as though he was no longer having a direct impact on people’s lives, and burn out was setting in. In 2015, Bob listened to the Serial podcast and was enthralled by the case. On May 1st of that year, he launched his Truth & Justice podcast and invited listeners to join him in investigating the wrongful conviction of Adnan Syed. As the investigation drew towards its close, people from around the Country began sending letters asking for Bob’s help with other wrongful convictions. From there, the small town Michigan man managed to unite over 100,000 listeners; all working together to free the innocent. Then on September 5, 2018, Ed Ates walked out of the gates of a Texas prison and into his family’s arms after serving 20 years for a murder that he didn’t commit. Truth & Justice is now on its 10th season/case, and Bob has appeared in several TV documentaries, ABC’s 20/20, and hosted and produced his own docuseries on the Oxygen Network “The Forgotten West Memphis Three.” Ruff also hosts the popular new podcast, "True Crime Binge."


Past shows:

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