Dave Barnett

Dave Barnett


Dave the Mystic (David Barnett) is an energy healer and intuitive with over 35 years' experience in Colorado. He has multiple technical degrees and is truly a rocket scientist. In the early 1980's, Dave had some turning points in his life that led to a passion in discovering and developing his gifts in multiple forms of energy healing. Dave has gifts in healing, reading the Akashic Records, energy and entity clearing, changing core beliefs, Karma burnings, soul splinter retrieval and discerning spiritual gifts. He also coaches and mentors those on their spiritual paths. Dave continually seeks out new modalities, learns and experiences them from their practitioners and frequently highlights these on his weekly web radio show.


Past Shows:

  • Energy Healing & Demons / Haunted Waverly Hills

    Dave the Mystic (David Barnett) discussed energy and entity clearing and his claims of new demonic entities emerging. Followed by Dale Clark, Director of Tours at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, on the research into the hauntings there.More »
  • Energy Healing / Curse Removal

    Dave the Mystic talked about his work with energy healing. Followed by Raymond Scott on metaphysics and protecting people from curses and dark entities.More »

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