Visiting Heaven / Spotting Extraterrestrials

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Visiting Heaven / Spotting Extraterrestrials

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Hypnotherapist Regan Forston joined guest host Connie Willis (info) to discuss his 3-and-a-half hours visit to Heaven and how anyone in a deeply relaxed state can visit too. Forston credited researcher Michael Newton with discovering the process by which a person can be placed into a trance-like state to access memories of past lives and memories of where you go between lives. Newton helped more than 7,000 people to visit the afterlife and come back, he explained, noting he and others at the Newton Institute are continuing his work. According to Forston, about 92% of the people who come to him have a successful session, though sometimes clients may require a second session because they could not relax enough during their initial session.

"This process activates what happens in a near-death experience but without the death part," he continued. Forston outlined what he asks of clients in order for them to properly prepare for their sessions. First, he has them write a list of questions they want to have answered about their current life. "I would say 99 percent get the request to go before a council and have their questions answered," Forston revealed. Next, he has them prepare a list of the cast of characters that show up in their life's play. Finally, Forston has clients address their health issues. "An entity appears before my clients when they're in the state and we begin to discuss the health issue," he claimed, noting the entity will tell them how to reverse the issue.


In the latter half of the program, David 'Dave The Mystic' Barnett talked about his personal journey, research into extraterrestrials hiding in plain sight, and how to spot them. He recalled his 1983 high school reunion, where he connected with his friend Barry who was curious about Barnett's thoughts on changing things at a distance. Barnett, who has a background in electrical engineering, soon discovered Barry could control power with his mind. This led Barnett to explore energy healing and therapeutic touch as well as meditation.

It was during an intense mediation period in 2002 through 2006 when Barnett received coaching from spiritual beings. "One day, they showed up in my meditations and said, 'Come with us, we have a job for you to do,'" he recalled, noting they cautioned him to control his emotions and not to laugh at what he was about to be shown. According to Barnett, they took him to a planet in the throes of an epidemic populated by a sentient species that looked just like our June bugs. He taught them how to use energy healing to control the epidemic.

"These beings [extraterrestrials] come in all shapes and sizes and flavors," he continued. Barnett spoke about an ET hybridization program that produced hybrids that looked like young women in their mid to late 20s. "They were so smartly dressed it almost seemed inappropriate for dropping in on a conference or talk," he suggested. A clue one is looking at an alien hybrid hiding in plain sight is their eyes are slightly off and set wider on the face, he explained. "They immediately picked up mentally that you were scoping them out," he said, noting how, once discovered they would immediately put on sunglasses and leave the meeting.

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