Energy Healing / Curse Removal

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Energy Healing / Curse Removal

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David Barnett, aka Dave the Mystic, is a former aerospace engineer who has been involved with energy healing since the early 1980s. He joined guest host Connie WIllis (info) to discuss how his technical background did not provide the answers he was seeking, and what he has come to understand about his healing work. Barnett recalled the moment he was prompted to a new path after running into an old friend at his high school reunion. According to Barnett, his classmate could affect things at a distance, and demonstrated this by slowing a house electric meter, tuning in stations on a TV, stalling cars, and lowering the output power of a 50,000-watt radio station. "I took it as a demonstration from higher powers to me... that I needed to get on the path and find out what is going on because electrical engineering was losing its explanatory value," he said.

Barnett specializes in several different modalities of energy healing, including hands-on, Reiki, subconscious core belief work, and reading past lives. He described how his ability to read past lives has evolved from entering the spiritual plane (where the Hall of Records is located) to receiving a download of information instantly about his clients. "From my point of view, past lives are still ongoing... they may reach forward to our present life here and give a person effects from that," he suggested. Barnett also talked about his clearing work, which involves removing entities (such as earthbound spirits) and negative energetic influences, as well as his practice of karma burning that allows clients to release past bad karma from all lives for all times.


Raymond Scott is a sorcerer for hire who specializes in helping people who are being harassed by entities or suffering under curses. He has decades of experience in metaphysics, along with training in Magick, Necronomics, Witchcraft, Shamanism, Daemonolatry, and Hoodoo. Scott spoke about metaphysics and his work protecting and healing those under attack from negative forces. According to Scott, he took a metaphysical path to learn how to heal himself and his family members, and along the way developed his abilities to combat the dark side. "Everything is energy and everything is connected...all you're doing is using that energy to change your environment to what you would prefer to have," he said.

Scott described the nature of a curse as a way to destroy someone or something, and the people who send them out are usually angry and have heart and crown chakras that are extremely low. He mentioned his sure-fire method of ending curses, which he developed over several years and takes three days to fully execute. Scott admitted he has had demons growl at him during his work to release clients from their grip. He explained how demons are assigned to public places and people, and how they can be passed from one generation to another. Scott also revealed demonic entities despise interdimensional aliens because they take the energy from people which they desire to have for themselves.

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