Relationships and Gender Balance / New Year Predictions

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Relationships and Gender Balance / New Year Predictions

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John Gray, the author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, joined host Connie Willis (info) in the first half of the show to discuss restoring gender balance for lasting love in relationships and for healthy children. Gray explained the importance of proper testosterone and estrogen levels in men and women – respectively – and how they could be balanced. One way, he noted, was through supplements. But, he said, other natural ways of replenishing testosterone in men were by spending time in "the man cave" and enjoying alone time and hobbies, or by engaging in physical activities and exercise. For women, he said, estrogen levels could be balanced by regular hugging, touch, massage, and other small tokens from their partners. But as we age this all changes. He said that the highest levels of testosterone are found in single men, followed by men in a committed relationship, then married men without children, while married men with children had the lowest testosterone levels. This, he claimed, was because love hormones trigger more estrogen production in men; which, he said, is why it's important for men to find time alone to recharge. Because, he said, men with high estrogen levels, which ironically are caused by the happiness of a loving family, could actually cause more stress in their relationships. "Any time a man is emotional, his estrogen levels are going too high," Gray said.

He also talked about the role of aging on testosterone production. "In every category, what the average in America is for every age, like 38, it's dropping down. (At) 39 it drops down one percent. One percent, and just keeps going until it's 50, about half (the testosterone of their prime) by the time he's 50, and keeps going down." He said one way to repair some of that damage was with orotate supplements. "What's great about orotate.... is orotates actually go to the genome. That's the source of the genes. The blueprint of the body. And the blueprint of the body duplicates itself every three months. Now what happens is that when it duplicates itself, it makes mistakes." These "mistakes" he said, are caused by things like stress, and over time they add up, leading to aging. "The amazing thing about orotic acid, or orotates, is that they go into the genome and, if you start creating more stress, lowers (the) stress rate in your life. It can actually help correct those errors and produce positive expressions of your genes," Gray claimed. It can also help repair damage caused by environmental factors, he said. He claimed young men today often have testosterone levels of men several times their age because of the pesticides present in their food. "This is all very well known. Ultrazine will lower testosterone levels in men, and raise estrogen levels, which makes a young man have the same testosterone levels of a man who wants to retire. So these kids don't have the motivation they used to have." But, he said, if you can turn your exercise and activity habits around through discipline, you can make positive changes.


In the second half, Mystic Dave, an energy medicine practitioner, healer, and intuitive, explained his gifts, and his process for discerning trends with a numerical pattern, before employing the method in making possible predictions for the New Year. While describing his shift from rocket scientist to holistic healer, he explained the importance of having an open mind when it came to medicine and healing, noting that ulcers were thought to be diet-related for years, until they were proven to be caused by bacteria, as well as in other areas. His own openness led him to study a method of prediction that he said came from Dr. David Hawkins. "I do my predictions using muscle testing, and I use that to determine a numerical value... so, when I get a number out of this... this number is the likelihood for an event, but it's not an absolute yes/no because free will can always be a factor." Otherwise, he said, his method was much like the involuntary muscular responses found in dowsing or pendulum work.

While Dave said his predictions for 2024 were "for entertainment only," he did hit on some significant topics. For instance, he predicted which months the stock market would have significant gains, and that the Democrats could run two brand new candidates for President and Vice President, leaving both President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris by the wayside. (Harris, he said, did not have a high number when he considered if the party would make her their pick for Presidential candidate.) Nikki Haley, he said, had a slightly higher number than Donald Trump for being the final choice for the GOP, but both were higher than any of the Democratic candidates. "For Joe Biden running this year, being a candidate on the ticket, I get a 260. That's less than the 280 minimum (for making a prediction). So based on this number, I say he is not that likely to be a candidate for the Democrats." Gavin Newsom scored even lower, at 220, and Harris lower still at 210. Trump, when considering whether he would remain on the ballot, came to 330. As for the likelihood of Nikki Haley "having her run this year," he said, "I get a 320 on that. So there could be something that happens that Donald Trump doesn't make it on the ticket, and Nikki Haley does." Vivek Ramaswamy, Chris Christie, and Ron DeSantis were all assigned a value of 220. When he asked for a Presidential winner, instead of candidate, Biden scored a 270 (still below Dave's 280 threshold) while Trump scored a 330 and Haley a 340. But, he said, "this is early in the year. There's a lot of free will involved here. There's a lot of opportunity for people to come out and say something incredibly wise, or incredibly stupid in the press, and either way it strongly shifts their chances." He also predicted the Russia - Ukraine conflict could last into 2025, with Russia holding onto some territory, and that the Israeli war against Hamas could drag into 2027, with the numbers indicating that Hamas will not remain in power in Gaza.


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