Paul Bartholomew

Paul Bartholomew


Paul Bartholomew has been researching cryptozoology, UFO's and paranormal phenomena for four decades. He has appeared in numerous documentaries on the Outdoor Life Network, History Channel and Animal Planet. Earning a B.S. in Communications from Castleton University, Vermont, Bartholomew studied under Anthropologist Professor Warren L. Cook. Together they investigated many sightings of large unknown hairy bipedal creatures sighted throughout the Northeast. In 2004, Bartholomew wrote and lobbied for legislation to create a protective habitat for Bigfoot or Sasquatch in his hometown of Whitehall, New York. The measure was passed unanimously by both the Village and Town and is dedicated to the memory of Professor Cook.

Bartholomew and his brother Robert, wrote "Bigfoot Encounters In New York & New England." From Native American accounts of "Stone Giants" and the "Wendigo," to "Wildman" encounters of the 1800's, a clear pattern of sightings emerges. They fully document how the phenomenon has been a consistent part of the human experience and may have connections to other paranormal enigmas. Bartholomew continues to investigate, research, write and lecture on a range of unexplained phenomena and most recently appeared in the documentary "Beast of Whitehall."


Past Shows:

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    Space journalist Eric Berger discussed Elon Musk and SpaceX's ventures. Followed by investigative researcher Paul Bartholomew on cases of UFOs, Bigfoot, and high strangeness.More »
  • Crash of 2017/ Bigfoot Sightings

    In the first half, economist specializing in demographics, Harry Dent, discussed the cyclical nature of market bubbles and why he expects a crash to happen no later than next year, with late 2017 seeing the sharpest crash. In the latter half, investigative researcher Paul...More »

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