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Mary Becker is the co-director and researcher for Ghost Excavations, aka, Interpretive Performance Excavations (I.P.E). Mary creates the presentations for John Sabol’s speaking engagements including producing and editing the short film "Ghost Excavation at Burnside Bridge: Going Home After Seeing the Elephant." Mary’s fascination with ghosts began with hauntings in homes she has resided in including her current home she shares with John Sabol.

Prior to meeting John, Mary resided and worked in the Washington, DC, area for many years. She has performed in plays and musicals as well as studied acting and participated in acting workshops. Mary has been interviewed on national and internet radio programs and has appeared in several TV pilots/documentaries for cable television about ghosts and history. Her administrative background helps significantly with the business side of I.P.E. and she currently works as an Administrative Assistant at a haunted hotel.


Past shows:

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